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Gundam Evolution: How To Unlock Mobile Suit Units

"Gundam Evolution," the new free-to-play, multiplayer shooter set in the popular Gundam universe, launched on the PC in September and fans have begun to dive into the experience. While reviews are still coming in, initial impressions look fairly positive, with Kotaku finding it similar to "Overwatch," though not yet properly balanced and in need of some polish.

For those who want to give the new shooter a chance and jump into the mech shooting action, one of the most important things to figure out will be the various mobile suits that are available. As fans of the franchise will know, "Gundam" is about mechanized suits that characters use to do battle with a variety of different types with different weapons and capabilities. In "Gundam Evolution," seventeen different mobile suits are currently available with twelve being usable immediately and five that must be unlocked.

Fans who want to try out everything and use some of the best suits in the game, understanding how to unlock these extra suits will be vital. Fortunately, the process is relatively easy and optionally free.

Unlock Gundam Evolution mobile suits with free or paid in-game currency

YouTuber Dunmuir lays out the multiple ways to unlock mobile suits in "Gundam Evolution" and, in short, you simply have to buy them with either the free or purchased currency in the game. The free currency, known as Capital, is earned by completing challenges in the game. Further, anyone who purchases the premium battle pass will earn Capital as they move up in rank. It looks like a week's worth of challenges will earn enough capital for one suit and another can be acquired with what's earned from the battle pass.

Players can simply purchase EVO Coins, the other currency in the game, and buy suits with them. Currently, EVO Coins are selling at a rate of $9.99 for 1,000 Coins, which is just enough to buy one suit. Also, it appears that going through the premium battle pass will also earn a player just enough EVO Coins for another suit.

Based on this info, it appears that a player could grab the two or three suits they want for free with relatively little time investment and fill out the whole collection with no more than about ten dollars. Of course, this is a new game with updates and content likely to come in the future but, for now, it appears that it doesn't ask too much of a financial investment from players.