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The PS3 Game That Takes The Longest To Beat

Sony's PlayStation 3 may have had a difficult time gaining momentum with consumers right out of the gate (via Tech Radar), but that didn't stop the console from building up one of the largest libraries in gaming as time went along. Alongside a laundry list of PS3 hidden gems, more than a few blockbuster titles with enduring popularity among the modern generation also got their start on the platform, including "Grand Theft Auto 5," "Bioshock," and even Sony's very own crown jewel, "The Last of Us."

For those looking for a PS3 title that'll get them a ton of bang for their buck, there are plenty of lengthier games to choose from. "Final Fantasy 13," "Dark Souls," and "Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain" will all take most players dozens of hours to get to the finish line, and they're all well-regarded to boot. However, none of these titles compare in terms of runtime to one particular fan-favorite JRPG nestled in the PS3's library that will take gamers nearly 100 hours just to see through to the end.

You can take your time with Persona 5

With the ports of "Persona 5 Royal" made for platforms like the Nintendo Switch and the PlayStation 5, it's easy to forget that the beloved JRPG actually got its start on the PlayStation 3 when the original "Persona 5" launched for that system alongside the PS4 in 2016. Regardless, it's a PS3 game at heart and a darn long one at that. According to users polled on HowLongtoBeat, the average time to beat the game's story rounds out at a whopping 98 hours, with a completionist run scaling up to 173 hours.

"Persona 5's" lengthiness is typical to the JRPG genre, but that's only half the story here. Players manually live out nearly every single day for an entire in-game year, and that time isn't just spent engaging in turn-based fights through dungeons and advancing the main plot, but also by attending school, working part-time jobs, spending time with friends — the list goes on. For as much as it is a JRPG, "Persona 5" is also a social simulator that encourages players to immerse themselves in its world at their own pace.

Of course, a lengthy game doesn't necessarily equal a good one. Those with worries regarding the quality of "Persona 5" can rest easy, however. The game is critically acclaimed, with a score of 93 on Metacritic. "Persona 5" on PS3 is more than worth playing, both for those who want a lengthy experience on the old Sony console, and those who simply want to delve into one of the best JRPGs of all time.