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The PSP Game That Takes The Longest To Beat

Even years after the handheld console's production ceased, the PSP remains an essential part of gaming history and still manages to infiltrate the modern zeitgeist every now and then. And if you still own a PSP after all of these years, you have a wide selection of enjoyable and beloved games to choose from. But which game in its massive library will take you the longest to beat all the way through?

Though it often played second fiddle to the PlayStation 3 at the time, the PSP did play host to beloved games such as "Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories" — a prequel to the massively popular "Grand Theft Auto 3" — as well as exclusives like "Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker" which served as an essential part of "Metal Gear Solid" lore. Both of these games boasted a wealth of content with "Liberty City Stories" and "Peace Walker" clocking in at 40 hours and 95 hours, respectively, should you wish to do everything there was to do in either game. However, both of these games pale in comparison to the longest PSP game on record.

The main story of Monster Hunter Freedom Unite clocks in at 97 hours

According to HowLongToBeat, 2008's "Monster Hunter Freedom Unite" is by far the longest game on the PlayStation Portable. On average, the game's main story takes about 97 1/2 hours to complete. When combining the game's main story with extra content, "Monster Hunter Freedom Unite" will take even longer than that and clock in at a hefty 184 hours. If you're a completionist, the game should occupy you for a combined 463 hours. Coincidentally, it's also the longest game available on its less popular successor, the PS Vita.

Other games on the PSP, however, do come close. Per HowLongtoBeat, "Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's Tag Force 6" has a main story that can be completed in an efficient 19 hours. However, if you add in all the extra content the game serves, "Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's Tag Force 6" can add up to 156 hours of extra content. If getting 100% completion is your deal, the game can be extended to 452 hours, 11 hours short of where "Monster Hunter Freedom Unite" peaks. Another game in the series, "Monster Hunter Freedom," actually surpasses "Freedom Unite" when it comes to completionist content and can take gamers up to 496 hours to completely finish. However, the main story in the title still falls well short of the one in "Freedom Unite," taking only about 37 1/2 hours to finish. Even when combined with side content, its runtime clocks in at just under 74 hours.