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Mizkif Finally Addressed This 'Embarrassing' Behavior

Mizkif is back, and he's got some things to say about his recent behavior. Those following along with the steady slew of streamer drama will know that the internet personality with over 2 million Twitch followers and 870,000 YouTube subscribers has been embroiled in a protracted controversy for the past few months. In September, Trainwreckstv accused Mizkif of willfully covering up his ex-roommate and fellow streamer CrazySlick's alleged sexual assault of AdrianahLee (via The Verge). Following the allegations, the content creator was placed on indefinite leave from One True King, the gaming organization he co-founded in 2020.

While it was several months before OTK's investigation finished and the organization ultimately found Mizkif to not be guilty of the allegations, it wouldn't be accurate to say that the streamer was completely dormant during this interim period. In fact, the creator actually conducted a controversial stream just several weeks after the allegations went public. Now, with his return to OTK and regular streaming, Mizkif has taken the opportunity to apologize for his "embarrassing" behavior during the stream.

Mizkif apologizes for his October stream

In a video uploaded to Mizkif's YouTube channel on January 2, the steamer apologized for his conduct during his stream on October 11. The stream in question was billed as Mizkif's big return after he went on hiatus following the assault cover-up allegations made by Trainwreckstv. However, it garnered a negative reception from fans and Mizkif's fellow streamers alike, with many feeling that the YouTuber behaved poorly and belittled victims of sexual assault (via Dexerto). Though OTK's investigation of Mizkif concluded with the streamer's reinstatement as a member, his behavior during the October stream resulted in his suspension from a position on the organization's board of directors.

In the apology video, Mizkif acknowledged his behavior during the October stream. "My behavior on that stream was absolutely unacceptable," the streamer said. "I communicated almost everything terribly and I was completely tone-deaf to such a serious situation and I'm so sorry for how I acted. It was completely insensitive."

Mizkif went on to specifically apologize to victims of sexual assault and vowed to learn from the incident. "I want to be better not only for myself, but for my audience," the streamer said. "I want my influence on this world to be positive." He continued, saying that he would prove his commitment to personal growth by demonstrating "better behavior overall and better content."