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The Most Frustrating Boss In The Devil May Cry Series

The "Devil May Cry" series is known for its memorable characters and over-the-top action. And as fans of the series know, some of the best action these games have to offer is experienced during boss fights. Gamers have faced dozens of unique and memorable bosses over the course of the series six games spanning from 2001's "Devil May Cry" to the most recent entry, "Devil May Cry 5." One "Devil May Cry" boss even crossed over into the "Bayonetta" series. However, not all "Devil May Cry" bosses are equally fun to battle, and more than a few of them are super frustrating.

The series has a few standout bosses that frequently give players a lot of trouble. For example, Cerberus from "Devil May Cry 3" is a menace to many players. This is because this three-headed dog is fought early on, functioning as something of a skill-check for the rest of the game, making the battle even more frustrating for those unfamiliar with the game's mechanics. Still, the demon dog isn't the most frustrating boss in the series. That title belongs to one of the most iconic characters in the long-running franchise.

Vergil from Devil May Cry 3

It's no surprise that Dante's twin brother Vergil is one of the most powerful characters in the series. Although players fight Vergil in multiple games, players often point to his "Devil May Cry 3" appearance as the hardest. Specifically, players have a tough time the second encounter with the half-demon, which arrives well after he bests Dante the first time and stabs a sword straight into the protagonist's chest. When the brothers meet again in Mission 13 of the game, Vergil has a few more tricks up his sleeve.

Not only does Vergil still have his signature Yamato blade from the first fight, but he also has a new weapon to show off, Beowulf. This pair of greaves and gauntlets allow Vergil to take to the sky and pull off a speedy dive kick that can easily clip players with slow reaction speeds. Additionally, Vergil utilizes his Devil Trigger transformation in this fight, making him faster and more powerful for a short period, during which players have no option but to wait it out and try their best to dodge.

With two of the deadliest Devil Arms at Vergil's disposal, not to mention an expanded move set, it's no wonder why many gamers call this fight the hardest in the series. It's hard to knock any players wanting to pop a Devil Star or Vital Star to get through it alive, even if their Stylish Ranking might take a bit of a hit at the end of the stage.