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The Rarest Contrail In Fortnite

"Fortnite" has changed and evolved in numerous ways as each new chapter of the battle royale has expanded on what came before — but one thing that hasn't changed is how each round begins. Every match starts with players leaping from the flying Battle Bus and skydiving down to fight. And just like everything else in "Fortnite," this descent can be customized.

Epic provides special back bling skins called contrails for players to collect. These add unique animations and effects that stream behind players as they fall. This could be anything from a trail of bubbles floating off the players back to bolts of lightning streaking from their hands. Most contrails are rewards that gamers can earn as part of the various battle passes that Epic has sold over the years. Some of them could be purchased in the game's item shop and a few have only been available during certain special in-game events.

Just like every other skin in "Fortnite," contrails are sorted by rarity. Most are either classified as Uncommon or Rare, with some that have special rarity designations referring to the specific brand-crossovers that they're associated with such as Marvel or Gaming Legends. There have been dozens of different contrails released over the years, but which of them is the rarest?

Holly and Divey is the rarest contrail

There are no Legendary or Mythic contrails in Fortnite – yet – but one contrail has been given the Epic designation, making it the rarest falling animation skin in the game. That distinction belongs to Holly and Divey. This contrail bears the description "deck your falls" and could only be obtained from the Winterfest Presents reward system, meaning it's one of the few contrails in the game to have an RNG element involved in its acquisition, with a chance players might not even get the cosmetic item after participating in the event.

Holly and Divey gives the players long Yule-themed chords that stream behind them as they descend to the map. There are three variations: Garland, Shiny Garland, and Festive Garland. The basic Garland gives the player two chords which are simply decorated with holly attached at the character's wrists. The Shiny Garland version steps this up by adding two more chords at the character's ankles and some festive Christmas lights to the chords. Finally, the Festive Garland is the same as the Shiny Garland, except it adds bright red holly berries to the equation.