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Hogwarts Legacy PS5 Or Series X: Which Has Better Performance?

On top of being an immersive "Harry Potter" experience, the critically well-received and record-breaking "Hogwarts Legacy" is huge in terms of scale. The environments are lush with topographical diversity ranging from majestic castles and dark forests to lively cities that push gaming platforms to their limits. While PC gamers will have access to tools to make "Hogwarts Legacy" look its best, many players will use the Xbox Series X or PlayStation 5 to play "Hogwarts Legacy." Though not as extensive as the PC, the next-gen console versions of the game offer players great visual fidelity and cutting-edge visuals.

Outside of the Xbox Series S — the weakest of the latest offerings from Microsoft and Sony — both the Series X and PlayStation 5 editions of "Hogwarts Legacy" boast several graphical options to ensure gamers can extract the most performance out of each game. This includes five different graphical modes: Performance, Fidelity, Quality, Balanced, and Fidelity with Ray-Tracing. The title also allows players to unlock its frame rate and push it up to 120 FPS should they wish to do so. But which system does "Hogwarts Legacy" run the best on? That depends on what you're looking for.

Marginal performance differences between Series X and PS5

In a video published on YouTube, ElAnalistaDeBits examines the performance of "Hogwarts Legacy" on the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 — as well as the Series S and PC. The channel takes a look at aspects such as load times, draw distance, shadows, textures, and other graphical aspects. Overall, the video establishes little divergence between the performance of "Hogwarts Legacy" on the two main next-gen systems. However, the situation differs slightly from platform to platform.

In "Hogwarts Legacy," a small loading sequence often greets players when they open a door or initiate a cinematic such as a cutscene or conversation. The PlayStation 5 seems to deal with these moments a bit faster than its Series X counterpart. The PS5 also appears to perform better with ray tracing enabled. However, when it comes to frame rate, the Xbox Series X reigns supreme. When in Quality Mode with the frame rate unlocked, the Series X tops out just above the PS5. According to the video description, outside of ray tracing, the Series X peaks higher than the PS5 in Performance and Quality mode.

Overall, if they want shorter loading times, the PS5 version will suit players nicely. If framerate is important, then players may want to consider the Series X version of "Hogwarts Legacy."