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The Rarest Badge In Apex Legends

The main objective in a typical round of "Apex Legends" is to be a member of the last team standing on the battle map. This is already hard enough for most players, but there are other challenges out there for those that would seek to complete them. These challenges are often rewarded with skins, banners, trackers, and other collectable items that are more of a flex on fellow players than they are usable items in the game. But there's one type of collectable that players can use that showcases their skill more than any of the others – badges.

Badges are unlockable cosmetics that players earn by completing their associated challenges. "Apex" players may display up to three badges on their banner so that other players can see exactly what they're capable of. There are dozens of different badges in the game spread among several different categories: Event Badges, Content Pack Badges, Arena Badges, Club Badges, Ranked Badges, Legend Badges, Account Badges and Support Badges. Some of these are quite easy to get a hold of, but others are significantly more challenging. Of course, the harder a badge is to obtain, the more impressive it is to display it on the player's banner. There are quite a few that are highly sought after, but there is one that is even rarer than all the rest.

Apex Predator is incredibly hard to reach

There are plenty of hard to obtain badges in "Apex Legends." The Wake badge requires players to kill 20 enemies in a single game and Team Work 4 requires every member of a pre-made squad to play a game where each member gets 10 kills. Both of these are incredibly challenging and therefore extremely rare to see on a player's banner, but neither of them are the absolute rarest. That honor belongs to the You're Tiering Me Apart Apex Predator badge.

There are six ranks in "Apex Legends:" Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, and finally, Apex Predator. This last rank is the hardest to reach and contains the smallest pool of players. The You're Tiering Me Apart Apex Predator badge can only be obtained by those who have worked their way up in the Ranked game mode until they can be counted among the top 750 players. This is what makes this badge so incredibly difficult to obtain. The player can't get lucky in a good round, and they can't rely on being carried by a good team like with many other badges. The only way to obtain this badge is to consistently log in and be one of the 750 best "Apex Legends" players in the world.