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The Rarest Wrap In Fortnite

One of the many constantly evolving features that keeps fans coming back to "Fortnite" is its ever-growing list of cosmetics. There are literally over a thousand unique skins for players to use in order to customize their character in Epic's popular battle royale. These allow even those who might have similar builds to take a unique sense of pride in their character's design. Not only can the player choose their appearance, but there are a variety of different visual effects that can be applied to their "back-bling," weapons, falling animations, and so much more. Some of the simplest of these cosmetics are items called Wraps. These allow players to retexture certain items and add a bit of flair to their design.

Wraps are accessed in the Locker screen. Here, they can be used to replace the texture and design of the weapons and vehicles used by the character in the game, so the player can show off their style as they head into battle. There are hundreds of Wraps that have been available at one point or another. Many of them are quite common, but there are a few of them which are a lot more difficult to come by. Here is the rarest Wrap in all of "Fortnite."

The Radiant Blue wrap is the rarest

Epic Games has a system that it uses to designate the rarity of items that can be collected in the game. These rank in order of rarity: Uncommon, Rare, Epic, and Legendary. There are dozens of Uncommon and Rare Wraps, but there are only seven Epic Wraps that have ever been available in the game, and there are none that have been marked as Legendary. Most of these Epic Wraps have either been for sale in the game's store or have been obtainable through its battle pass –- meaning that they were pretty readily available to players on all platforms during the windows that they could be unlocked. 

The Radiant Blue Wrap, however, was only briefly available, and it was exclusive to PS Plus subscribers. It has never been available to Mobile, PC, Xbox, or Nintendo players. This incredibly rare cosmetic was part of the "PlayStation Plus Celebration Pack 7," which could only be downloaded from the PlayStation store during the promotion and has not been available since.

This is what makes the Radient Blue Wrap so valuable. Not only is this one of only a handful of Wraps that ever managed to be graded at an Epic rarity, but PlayStation players with an active PS Plus membership were the only ones who could get their hands on it during a brief promotion, and it hasn't been available since.