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Hogwarts Legacy Details That Were Left On The Cutting Room Floor

"Hogwarts Legacy" wowed fans and critics when launched, becoming Warner Bros. Games' biggest launch of all time. Despite the controversy surrounding author J.K. Rowling and being banned from certain gaming events, the latest trip to the Wizarding World is still breaking records thanks to its satisfying gameplay, interesting characters, and a massive and immersive open world full of things to do and places to explore.

From exploring Hogwarts Castle itself and finding secrets to tracking down Demiguise Moons, from caring for magical beasts to finding and changing outfits, from visiting the Forbidden Forest to fighting dark wizards, there's no shortage of things to do in "Hogwarts Legacy." What's even more amazing is that this isn't all the developers originally planned for the game. Through an examination of previews of the game and various statements before release, it's possible to get a picture of what other elements or ideas were originally meant to be included but didn't make the final cut.

Here's a rundown of details that didn't make it into the final version of the game.

A new Latin motto

In the Great Hall, the stained glass windows above the faculty tables feature a short motto written in Latin. This can first be glimpsed early in the game during the Sorting Ceremony when the player character finds out which house they'll be in. After that, player's will be able to return to the Great Hall anytime they want to explore more and check out the windows more closely. Those who look closely, and can read Latin, will see that the writing translates as "to every magic now master," seemingly a statement on the goal of Hogwarts students. However, one observant TikToker has noticed that this wasn't always the motto.

Wizardphd previously pointed out that previews of the game originally featured different Latin text on the Great Hall windows. This alternate slogan translates to "the truth learns the true magic" or, possibly, "in a true way 'he' learns the true magic." This is a subtle change that few players likely noticed, and it's unclear why the decision was made to switch up the mottos.

Perhaps the new motto is meant to reflect the values of the current headmaster as Professor Black is a Slytherin, the house known for its ambition. Perhaps the old motto was changed because it implies there is only one "true magic" and a major theme of the Wizarding World, and "Hogwarts Legacy" in particular, is open-mindedness and acceptance of differences.

A founding date for Hogsmeade

Wizardphd also spotted a change to the Hogsmeade sign in "Hogwarts Legacy" that removed a set date for its founding. At some point, the sign over the bridge that leads into Hogsmeade from the south had more than the name of the village on it. It also read "Est 914," setting the year of the magical village's founding. Unlike the change to the Great Hall windows, however, there's a likely explanation for this change.

It's established lore in the Wizarding World that Hogsmeade was founded by the wizard Hengist of Woodcroft. Precisely when this happened has never been made clear, but it is known that Hengist was likely not born until the year 982 at the earliest. This would mean that Hogsmeade couldn't possibly have been founded in 914 as its founder wasn't even alive yet.

It's likely someone on the development team caught this continuity error, or it was pointed out by a fan, and the change was quietly made before launch. Why a new date, within the range of possibility, wasn't added is unclear. For now, the exact date of Hogsmeade's founding remains a mystery.


One of the iconic elements of the Wizarding World and life at Hogwarts is Quidditch. The magical sport played on broomsticks is featured prominently in the "Harry Potter" books and it's considered the official sport of wizarding kind. As such, it's hard to imagine a game set in Hogwarts that doesn't feature this fan-favorite sport. Sadly, Quidditch is, indeed, absent from "Hogwarts Legacy." This, however, was the original plan.

Leaks prior to the game's launch revealed that Avalanche Software had wanted to make Quidditch a part of the game but ultimately made the decision to cut it in order to focus on other priorities. This has been a disappointment to some, both in and out of the game.

While Quidditch isn't played in "Hogwarts Legacy," an explanation is offered in the form of the unpopular Headmaster Black canceling games at the beginning of the school year. This serves to characterize Black and offer an in-game explanation for why Quidditch isn't happening. It's also referenced regularly, with the player able to overhear bits of conversation between students complaining about Black and his decision.

This cut content is certainly a disappointment for some, but the developers at least acknowledged it and gave voice to this frustration within the setting.

Wizard's Chess and Gobstones

On the subject of games, other minor magical pastimes also failed to make it into the final version of "Hogwarts Legacy." Specifically, Gobstones and Wizard's Chess aren't available as hobbies players can take up during their time at Hogwarts.

While Gobstones, a variant of marbles where a losing player gets squirted with an unpleasant liquid, is referenced in the game and a minor quest even tasks the player with gathering Gobstones for a fellow student, the game itself can't be played. Likewise, players may find magical puzzles involving a giant chess set similar to what Harry and his friends encounter in "The Sorcerer's Stone," but they don't get to sit down for a proper game with a friend in their common room.

LIke Quidditch, these games were also cut from development plans due to limited time and resources even though an effort was made to acknowledge them in other ways. Players can take comfort in knowing that their peers are enjoying these classic wizarding activities even if they can't join in themselves.

Unique house storylines

Another iconic part of Hogwarts and the Wizarding World is the division of students into houses, and "Hogwarts Legacy" includes this element. Players begin their school year with the Sorting Ceremony and can decide whether it's best to pick Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, Gryffindor, or, currently most popular, Slytherin. However, this choice doesn't impact a playthrough as much as one might think.

While each house gets its own common room, some different robes, and a slight variation on an early quest, there aren't that many major differences, and none of the houses get their own unique sets of quests. It appears that this too is the result of cuts to planned content.

Leaks seemed to hint at plans for greater differences between the houses with more branching paths and quests. There were even rumors before launch about each house getting multiple unique quests with some getting more than others. It appears that, like other elements, this was abandoned at some point during development with house differences limited to cosmetics and a single quest.

Plenty may have been cut from "Hogwarts Legacy" but fans still got so much more. With over thirty hours of gameplay at a minimum and the possibility of DLC in the future, there is a lot for gamers to enjoy and look forward to.