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Resident Evil 4 Remake's Post-Credit Scene Hints At The Series' Future

Spoilers ahead for "Resident Evil 4."

"Resident Evil 4" is a masterpiece of a remake, revamping the classic original game and adding a few new wrinkles to the mythology that are sure to excite fans of the series. One of the game's biggest surprises arrives as a mid-credits scene after completion of the campaign. Not only does this sequence act as a fun callback for fans, but it also offers some strong character development for super-spy Ada Wong — and maybe a hint at where the series is headed next.

In the shocking scene, Ada Wong finally contacts her employer: rogue Umbrella scientist Albert Wesker. She asks the supervillain what he plans to do with the deadly specimen sample she's bringing to him. When Ada learns that Wesker plans to murder billions of people, she pulls a gun on her helicopter pilot and demands he take her elsewhere. Ada is last seen flying off to an unknown future.

This scene might feel a little familiar to longtime "Resident Evil" fans, and that's because it's a spin on the ending to the original's "Separate Ways" storyline. In the original release of "Resident Evil 4," "Separate Ways" was a short campaign unlocked after completing the main story, allowing players to fight back through the events of the game through Ada Wong's perspective. The fact that the scene has been slightly reworked and plays outside of a "Separate Ways" campaign raises a few possibilities for the future of the franchise.

What does Wesker have planned?

The first possibility worth discussing is that this cutscene could be teasing the remake's own take on "Separate Ways." Dataminers have found evidence to suggest that "Separate Ways" might be added as DLC in the future, which seems to lend some credence to this theory. If that's the case, players might still have a chance to battle monsters as Ada and see her progression towards double-crossing Wesker. This cutscene would neatly link the two campaigns.

It's also possible that Capcom is tipping its hand a bit early and hinting that a "Resident Evil 5" remake is in the cards. Wesker plays a much more direct role in that game, and his remarks here remind players that he's far from finished. Most telling, however, is the fact that Wesker is seen reviewing files pertaining to Excella Gionne and TRICELL, Inc., both of which figure heavily into the plot of "Resident Evil 5."

Of course, the developers may not have any specific plans in mind for following up this scene. Perhaps it was just put there as a fun treat for fans who fondly remember Wesker's original cameo, and the Easter eggs referencing "Resident Evil 5" are simply that. But considering how neatly the "Resident Evil 4" remake lines up with present day canon and the preceding remakes, it's not too much of a stretch to hope this leads to something more.