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Hogwarts Legacy Guide: How To Beat Ranrok's Final Boss Fight

After completing 39 main quests in "Hogwarts Legacy," players unlock The Final Repository, the main quest that represents the game's ending. Part of this trial by fire is beating Ranrok, Goblin Rebellion leader and dark magic expert. This force of nature becomes a fierce dragon for the game's concluding boss fight, promising a challenging battle even for the most skilled spellcasters.

There are a few key specifics gamers need to know going into Ranrok's final boss fight in "Hogwarts Legacy," as well as some conventional wisdom to keep in mind as well. For starters, it's important to understand that his battle is split into four stages, which get progressively more demanding. For the first three stages, Ranrok is airborne and breathes fire on his contender. Protego is an option for some of the fireballs, but since some are unblockable, dodging is a more viable option. Smooth dodging will be important when Ranrok adds a powerful area attack in stage two, and a lunge attack in stage four. All of Ranrok's dragon attacks are quick, so it's up to players which route allows them to incur the least damage, especially since the attacks ramp up with each stage.

As for damaging Ranrok, it's not as straightforward as it seems. Here's the requirement to attack this goblin-turned-dragon and finish "Hogwarts Legacy."

Destroy Ranrok shield orbs to take him down

To successfully attack Ranrok, players have to hit shield orbs of a certain color with a spell of the corresponding color. Each time players want to attack, they have to break one orb in stage one, two orbs in stage two, and three orbs in stage three, and four orbs in stage four. In the first three stages, this has to happen multiple times, which is especially tricky in stage three since three orbs are required per attack. The rule of matching the orb color to the spell cast to break it still applies. One perk of stage four is that hitting the four orbs leaves Ranrok open to attacks for the entire duration of the stage. After getting Ranrok's health down in stage four, players have three more orbs to quickly hit with corresponding spells to send him to the grave once and for all.

Not only is strategy during the fight crucial, but players would be wise to upgrade and add traits to their gear to go into this final boss fight as strong as possible. Potions are also a must since the fight is a long haul, as well as unlocking as much of the talent tree as possible. While any potion can provide a boost, three are particularly useful: Focus potions reduce spell cooldown, Maxima potions increase damage, and Edurus potions provide a firm defensive shell — altogether increasing a gamer's chances of victory.

Once Ranrok is defeated, players have officially beaten "Hogwarts Legacy," and they'll receive one of two endings depending upon their actions through the course of the game. That's all there is to it — the only next step is the near-impossible mission of reaching 100% completion in "Hogwarts Legacy."