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Hogwarts Legacy: The 4 Strongest Witches & Wizards In The Game (That Aren't You)

"Hogwarts Legacy" has won praise from critics for its ability to immerse fans in the Wizarding World. Even as it makes players feel like they're a part of Hogwarts and the world of "Harry Potter," it also manages to build on the setting and its lore by introducing lots of new characters, locations, and mysteries to discover. In particular, the new characters are one of the best things in the game, and some of them stand out for how powerful and accomplished they are in magic.

None of them may rise to the level of Dumbledore or Voldemort and, arguably, the player character has surpassed them all by the end of the game. Still, certain witches and wizards in "Hogwarts Legacy" deserve credit for their power and skill. While each may demonstrate their strength in different ways, they all deserve to be recognized among the most powerful characters in the history of the Wizarding World.

Matilda Weasley

The Deputy Headmistress of Hogwarts at the time of the game, Matilda Weasley may not look very tough when players first meet her. She's a kind teacher and mentor and doesn't engage in any flashy displays of magic. As players can learn, however, there's more to this ancestor of the Weasley family than meets the eye.

Through conversations with her and letters that can be found throughout Hogwarts, it's possible to learn that Professor Weasley once worked as a Curse-Breaker for the Ministry of Magic. This difficult and often dangerous job is known to be favored by skilled witches and wizards who seek travel and excitement. That she was able to pursue this career speaks to Professor Weasley's skills.

Further, after joining the faculty of Hogwarts, she became both the Transfiguration teacher and Deputy Headmistress of the school. As Transfiguration is a notably difficult subject, Professor Weasley must have been an incredibly skilled witch to be qualified to teach it.

Finally, towards the end of the main questline in "Hogwarts Legacy," players will get to see the teachers in action, helping to thwart a goblin invasion. While all the teachers seem to hold their own, it's Professor Weasley who directly saves the player and Professor Fig with a particularly powerful and impressive bit of levitation. Altogether, this proves Professor Weasley is a strong witch and not to be underestimated.

Natsai Onai

Better known as Natty, or "little gazelle" to her mother, Natsai Onai is a Gryffindor student that the player can meet and befriend early in the game. Being a student, she still has a lot to learn, but it's clear to those who get to know her that she has a great deal of power and courage and is well on her way to becoming an accomplished witch.

Natty makes it her mission to take down Victor Rookwood and his gang and joins the player on several missions that put them directly in combat with these dark wizards. In these battles, Natty proves her capabilities in dueling and in Defense Against the Dark Arts, making herself a strong ally. What truly speaks to her power, however, is a different skill that she initially keeps to herself.

Those that earn her trust will learn that Natty is, in fact, an Animagus. She has developed the ability to transform into a gazelle — hence her mother's nickname — and uses this secret talent to move about the highlands freely. This gift is incredibly rare and the fact that Natty has come to possess it earns her a place on the list of the strongest witches and wizards.

Victor Rookwod

"Hogwarts Legacy" wouldn't be very exciting if the villain didn't pose much of a threat, but, fortunately, the game gives fans two great and intimidating villains to contend with. While Ranrok is tough and scary in his own right, he's a goblin and, thus, doesn't count as a wizard. Victor Rookwood, however, is the other main villain of the story, and he certainly deserves a place here.

A dark wizard with ambition and few scruples, Rookwood is a dangerous foe. His power comes not only from his magic but from the gang he has built up and turned into a major criminal organization. At the time of the game, Rookwood is capable of sending waves of lackeys out to deal with his enemies and has become a terror for the people of Hogsmeade and the surrounding area.

His individual skills in magic shouldn't be underestimated either. Players who befriend Sebastian Sallow may discover that Rookwood attacked Sebastian's sister, Anne, hitting her with a terrible curse. This curse inflicted her with a permanent and incurable disease that caused her constant pain. The ability to perform a curse like that marks Rookwood as a dangerous and strong dark wizard.

Isidora Morganach

Perhaps the strongest witch on this list and among the most powerful in the entire history of the Wizarding World, Isidora Morganach only appears in flashbacks, but her presence looms large over the story.

As a promising young witch from a muggle family, Morganach excelled in her studies at Hogwarts. It was also discovered that she had the incredibly rare gift to see and wield Ancient Magic. The Keepers at Hogwarts, who could also wield this power, trained her in it and attempted to convince her that it should be kept secret and used cautiously. Driven by a desire to help others, however, she began experimenting with Ancient Magic, taking her down a dark path.

Using Ancient Magic, she developed the until-then-unheard-of power to extract the pain of others. While she thought she was doing good, the Keepers saw danger in what she was doing and moved to stop her. In this confrontation, Morganach disabled one Keeper and dueled the others. It ultimately took the combined power of three Keepers — and the use of the Killing Curse — to finally defeat her.

Morganach's powers, both in Ancient Magic and in Defense Against the Dark Arts, make her deserving of a place on this list. The fact she also developed her own form of healing magic and was even able to hold her own in a fight against three Hogwarts teachers at once make her one of the strongest witches in the entire Wizarding World lore.