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Japan-Only Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom Footage Reveals Completely New Scenes

Ever since Nintendo released the first teaser for "The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom," fans have been combing through every piece of media for secrets. Even when one doesn't take the massive leak of the game's official art book into consideration, other trailers and images have led fans to some interesting theories about "Tears of the Kingdom." It's the most highly anticipated game of 2023, All those eyes on the game leading up to its release have revealed some new details — including some that English-speaking audiences might not have been privy to.

It's common practice to see multiple language-localized versions of trailers for upcoming games and movies, especially as the world gets more interconnected. But it's exciting when different regions get different edits of said trailers. That's exactly what appears to have happened with a handful of new trailers for "Tears of the Kingdom" uploaded to Nintendo's Japanese-language YouTube channel. Though English-speaking audiences have been treated to a number of trailers and teasers that reveal much about the upcoming "Zelda" game, these 30-second-long trailers show some longer clips from other trailers, not to mention some yet-unrevealed details.

In one of the trailers, for example, fans get a much better look at Link's companions and the Gleeok, the three-headed dragon-like enemy that finally resurfaces from the series' past. In another, fans get a glimpse at new shots of Zelda wielding the Master Sword in some yet-undetermined way. In one other trailer, we can see Gerudo Desert for a few seconds. Read on to learn about more newly discovered clips from "Tears of the Kingdom."

Tears of the Kingdom's version of Gerudo Valley, and some other new details

One of the first things diehard "Breath of the Wild" fans noticed in one of the Japanese trailers was what looks like Gerudo Desert. In the brief glimpse, fans can see several of the Gerudo Heroine statues — which Link uses to access a shrine in "Breath of the Wild" — but the area appears to have been taken over by sand. The sandstorm rages on in the background, too, despite Link's encounter with Vah Naboris in the previous game.

Another trailer doesn't show off too much footage that wasn't also revealed internationally, but one snippet offers a new perspective. After shots of this new vertical Hyrule, we can see Zelda holding the Master Sword downward as she looks to the sky. What this scene in particular is depicting is anyone's guess, but fans think it could have something to do with the Master Sword's apparent destruction, as hinted at in other trailers and information. It's of note that this trailer begins the same way as the final English trailer, but then cuts to Zelda, rather than Link plummeting from the sky.

The last Japanese-language trailer of note features Link and allies charging towards a Gleeok. Long, long-time "Zelda" fans are familiar with this enemy, but the three-headed dragon hasn't appeared in many of the recent games. It showed up in the DS exclusive "Phantom Hourglass," and before that, "Oracle of Seasons" and the original game for the NES. It was featured in the last English trailer, too, but this Japanese-exclusive sneak peek offers both brief snippets and longer clips of Link's allies as well.