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The Wildest Creations Fans Have Built In Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom

"Breath of the Wild" offered players a massive version of Hyrule, and then "Tears of the Kingdom" handed them a toolbox to help explore the world. With his newest set of abilities, Link can create almost anything, using random objects to construct extraordinary machines that can fly, move, and fight. While developers obviously wanted to invite players' creativity in the various shrine puzzles in "Tears of the Kingdom," gamers have already tested the limits of what's possible. Need to create a cart to ferry a ball across a chasm? What if you just used Ultrahand to carry it instead? Need to craft a simple boat to sail Link across a river? Make it the grandest boat you've ever seen.

Ultrahand and Fuse, specifically, are such fun powers that many gamers have been tinkering with them outside of specific puzzles, creating all sorts of brilliant and terrifying machines. Pairing their builds with Zonai Devices, players have made everything from simple carts to walking, fire-breathing robots. Here are just a few of the wildest creations fans have made in "Tears of the Kingdom."

Automatons with burning bits

One of the most discussed creations from "Tears of the KingdoM" happens to be a giant automaton with a fiery nether-region. The creature popped up on the game's release day, proving that it only takes a matter of hours for fans to completely go off the rails.

The creation combined stone slabs, wooden logs, a spike, and (of course) a strategically-placed flamethrower, with a few decorative objects making up the creature's face. Some fans immediately juxtaposed critics' high praise of "Tears of the Kingdom" and the fire-slinging automaton.

Many of the reviews of "Tears of the Kingdom" have praised the game's expansiveness, and this is just the first of many wild builds illustrating that point. There are three levels of Hyrule to explore, not to mention collectibles, side quests, and dungeons – but there's also the ability to make funny inventions like this one. Now the world knows that if players want to create a giant wicker man with a fiery crotch to take down their enemies, it's certainly possible.

It's easy to forget about physics

Even though there are no limits to what players can build, physics often win the battle. Just because you can make something doesn't mean you should, after all. "Zelda" developers included an intricate physics system in their considerations of how Ultrahand works, and constructions move and bounce a little bit closer to the way you might expect them to in real life. Unfortunately, that means that accidents happen.

For instance, one gamer created a simple (but very long) bridge to cross a small gap, but the bridge turned out to be overkill. While placing it, the player left the bridge standing vertically, admiring its height — but the planks soon started to tip the wrong way. The bridge fell backward and hit a piece of stone ruin, flipping off a cliff and into oblivion.

Ultrahand gettin out of hand already
u/spclguy444 in

Physics can also work in gamers' favor, though. One player made a functional paddle boat that they then used to ride into the middle of the ocean, bomb a school of fish, and collect their bounty. By taking advantage of real-world physics principles, gamers have taken their building to new heights.

Sweet, sweet revenge

Fans either love or hate Koroks and their bothersome seeds. The controversial collectibles return in "Tears of the Kingdom," but this time around, players have a new tool to take care of the playful wood sprites. Many of the Koroks in "Tears of the Kingdom" are still hiding under rocks and other unsuspecting items, but a few also want Link to help them on their mission to find a friend, who has always just sent up a smoke signal nearby. You see, the Koroks are just too tired to carry their packs over to their friend's campsite, but Link – who has been helping every single soul in Hyrule mend their lives – surely has time to intervene.


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♬ Dragula – Rob Zombie

One player's idea of "helping" involved attaching a Korok to a rocket and sending them careening into the great beyond. The contraption seemed simple: a comfortable chair for the Korok to ride in on its way to see its friend, plus and ten Zonai Device rockets to help it get there extra quickly. The resulting TikTok raked in the likes, proving that many gamers still despise Koroks and have little desire to help them.

Of course, Link can always just chuck them off the side of a cliff, too. You know, if building a rocket chair proves too difficult.

[TotK] Payback for all the Korok sees you made me go through
u/BGamer9000 in

Koroks: They're what's for dinner

Players have found a lot of different ways to torture Koroks, but one device stands out amongst the many, many others. On Twitter, @pory_leeks shared their latest invention: a Korok rotisserie machine. The contraption looked like a traditional rotisserie, with a Y-shaped fork on either side to hold a roasting spit. And on that roasting spit, @pory_leeks affixed five Koroks, each carrying a heavy pack. Although the machine itself has horrific implications, it stands as an impressive feat of engineering.

How could a gamer collect so many Koroks in need of help? While @pory_leeks didn't share their secrets, one user suggested that they might have dragged the Koroks using a good old fashioned horse harness.

If that sounds like the right move to you, save up your Pony Points for that harness and unleash your inner supervillain! Clearly Hyrule doesn't have any protections in place for some of its smallest inhabitants. Thankfully, players can never really harm the Koroks, but it's almost more upsetting to imagine them being tormented forever in a never-ending rotisserie.

A Question Block homage

"Tears of the Kingdom" is only Nintendo's latest "W," and some fans have chosen to honor another classic franchise in a subtle crossover. One player spent some time creating an Ultrahand version of the iconic Mario question block, which has appeared in nearly every "Super Mario Bros." title from the very beginning.

The player formed a box using wooden planks of various sizes, fusing them together with Ultrahand. They then used Ultrahand to connect a hook to the top of the box, with the rounded edge attached to the "ceiling." The final touch, a round boulder, was placed under the hook to complete the picture before dropping and rolling away. While Ultrahand was active, the box even took on a yellowish hue to complete the look.

It's unclear if any official in-game "Mario" references appear in "Tears of the Kingdom," but many gamers will feel nostalgic seeing the two franchises intersect.

All aboard!

Mine carts litter Hyrule in "Tears of the Kingdom," and can be used to make all sorts of contraptions to get Link through obstacles. But when Link's not saving the princess, he can build a train of his own by using Ultrahand to connect the carts together.

One Twitter user had hilarious results, commenting that they couldn't stop laughing at their misfortune. They posted a video of their mistake, showing that they'd created a three cart train with three fans stacked vertically on the tail end of the last cart. Things started out well, with the vehicle moving swiftly into a mine shaft, but those fans were eventually too tall for the narrowing cavern, ending the journey before it can begin.

Another player took a different approach, attempting to build the longest train in "Tears of the Kingdom." They connected a long row of carts together, powering the train with a row of fans that hung over several carts. Things went smoothly at first, but the fans soon started to drift to the side – physics once again ruining a great build. When the track came to an end, the carts crumped on top of each other, eventually straightening back out. Only time will tell if this is actually the longest train, or if someone will achieve the impressive feat of collecting every mine cart in the kingdom and attempting their own "Snowpiercer" remake.

Revisiting the Trojan Horse

The "Aeneid" tells a story about how Greek soldiers snuck their way into the city of Troy by riding in a giant wooden horse. The horse was allegedly a gift for Athena, but things quickly went awry when the Greeks jumped out to attack their enemies, winning the war. With Ultrahand, Link can recreate the scene in Hyrule, riding in style in his very own Trojan horse.

[TotK] Hylian-Trojan horse 2.0: now with 100% more chasm
u/DasMatt in

In a particularly clever design, one player created a hollow horse that Link could Ascend into, hiding him completely. The horse lacks some of the detailing one might want for a gift to Athena, considering its eyes are wagon wheels, but it moves on its own — and had no problem rolling directly into a chasm leading underground. Oops.

Even if the imitation Trojan horse wasn't successful, it still proves that gamers can get awfully creative with Link's new abilities if given enough time and materials. While it's likely impossible for Link to roll into the game's final battle inside his intricately designed horse, it's fun to imagine the possibilities.

A history of war

When left to their own devices, humans often turn towards war. It should come as no surprise, then, that gamers have already begun building war devices in "Tears of the Kingdom." One gamer even took something of a tour through history, tracking various builds based on their intricacy. First, they crafted a moving vehicle that was both slow and unable to do much damage. Then, they gradually improved their builds, gaining enough skill to make planes (which drop bombs, of course), vehicles with laser turrets, and cannons that fire bombs at unsuspecting Bokoblins.

Of course, another player created a good old-fashioned tank, which Link can ride in safely while firing bombs forward at an oncoming horde. The tank uses wooden planks, wagon wheels, and several fans to move, but it's unclear if this construct has any sort of steering mechanism. Who knows, maybe a tank with steering would be too much for Ganondorf to handle.

The Battle of Hyrule has changed by @idonum
u/Admiral_Agito in

Building a perfect machine

What if gamers could combine all the heart-pumping action of a mecha anime with "Tears of the Kingdom?" Naturally, someone already has. One player constructed a low-tech mech using Zonai Devices and stone, and the end result would fit right in with a group of Gundams.

The movement of the mech pushes the limits of what's possible with Ultrahand, as its limbs seem to independently swing and fire projectiles. Beam emitters affixed to the frame's shoulders cause the arms to move at different times while also shooting the enemies ahead. Link remains safe in the "cockpit" of the mech, steering the behemoth and manipulating time for maximum damage output. The most impressive thing about the mech? The sheer number of energy cells Link uses to power the beast. While it's unclear if this particular video originated from an emulated copy of the game (which could be modded on PC), the feat is impressive nonetheless.

Witness me!

If players decide to visit Gerudo Desert and play around with Ultrahand, "Tears of the Kingdom" might end up looking more like a scene from "Mad Max." The vehicles gamers have constructed are stunning, and the strategic use of Zonai Devices make them look incredibly punk rock. One player claimed to have spent nearly ten minutes working on a vehicle – a simple wooden box with wheels, powered by a rocket – only to hit a rock and send the cart flying before bursting into flames. That's the risk with "Mad Max"-style cars, though. While they do look awfully cool, they'll send you to Valhalla sooner rather than later.

If "Mad Max" isn't your speed, you could always build a craft perfect for podracing. One gamer shared a TikTok of their ultimate podracing rig, which made good use of a Zonai glider and fans. Just like in "Star Wars," Link can crash and burn easily, reinforcing podracing as the most dangerous sport.


Replying to @Kiel Macewan no THIS is Podracing ;) thanks for the inspiration ❤️ #fyp #tearsofthekingdom #zelda #nintendo #starwars #podracers

♬ son original – DT-L21#7445

Bokoblin torture chambers

There are clearly no Geneva Conventions in Hyrule, and nothing's off limits when it comes to ridding the land of the Bokoblin horde. One player gave special attention to a specific baddie by implementing an execution chamber that would look right at home in the "Saw" franchise.

I now present: The Bokoblin Death Cage
u/nintenglo in

The gamer called the creation the "Bokoblin Death Cage," which pretty much does what it says on the tin. A simple wooden frame keeps the Bokoblin secure while Link readies an arrow to activate the timed bomb waiting inside the box. After the bomb explodes, the wood goes up in flame, killing the Bokoblin. If that wasn't enough, Flame Emitters incinerate anything that's left. 

There's never any indication that Bokoblins are sentient — and it would be maddening to think that Link's out in Hyrule Field doing genocide on a whole group of beings — but one has to consider the Bokoblin's final thoughts in the contraption. It couldn't have been anything good.

Link can grind on a rail

On a more lighthearted note than many items on this list, "Tears of the Kingdom" grants players the ability to merge interests with another famous franchise, "Tony Hawk's Pro Skater." One player used Fuse to combine a shield with a mine cart, allowing them to grind on a rail like it's 2004.

[TotK] Shield surfing has now reached new heights using fuse!
u/Plastered_Crab in

Shield surfing is nothing new to "Breath of the Wild" fans, and some gamers have even set impressive records for riding on their most protective tools. Still, there's something nostalgic about this act for many players. One Redditor even commented that they needed to hear "Superman" by Goldfinger to really feel like they were in their younger years playing "Tony Hawk's Pro Skater." Others compared it to "Sonic Adventure," which featured many a rail Sonic could ride on with his oversized red shoes.

It's possible to Fuse a variety of items with the shield to achieve different effects. For example, players can Fuse a shield with a rocket to get a supercharged boost – although it doesn't last for long. As with most builds on this list, the sheer level of creativity available is what makes Link's new abilities so much fun, and experimentation is part of the process.