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The Best Ways To Use Recall In Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom

"The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom" offers players a number of exciting new abilities that emanate from Link's powerful new arm. He can put together wild creations with Ultrahand, Fuse weapons together into a stronger form, and even Ascend through overhead platforms. But one of the most underrated abilities in the game is Recall, the magic power that sends objects backwards through time. The fourth ability bestowed upon Link — given to him by Zelda herself — is one that players might forget to use while they're busy messing around with building giant vehicles.

Though players may find themselves mostly using Recall in platforming and puzzle-solving situations, rotating giant wheels or bringing platforms back to them in some of the game's trickier shrines, there are actually a number of other uses for this time-bending spell. Let's take a look at a couple of the most useful applications for Recall, and you might find yourself suddenly using it a lot more often.

Get a lay of the land and explore the Sky Islands

Recall is an invaluable exploration tool in "Tears of the Kingdom," allowing Link to reach some of the floating islands that would have otherwise remained out of reach. All it requires is a bit of patience and a keen eye for your surroundings. On occasion, chunks of the floating land masses will fall from the sky and land in the fields of Hyrule. Just hop on one of these and use Recall to hitch a ride up beyond the clouds. 

Some of these craggy pieces don't lead anywhere in particular, but a few will take you back to their origin point, allowing Link to hop onto solid (floating) ground and explore a new area. You can also use these magical elevators to get a good look at the landscape around you. And there's no need to panic if you run out of Recall power in mid-air or don't hop off the rock in time; Link can simply stand on the surface of this debris and ride it back down to the ground. No fall damage will be incurred.

Using Recall in battle can be a blast

Recall might not be the first power you think of in a hectic fight. Abilities like Fuse have more immediate combat applications — after all, who doesn't like to hastily construct a rock hammer and go to town on Bokoblins? — but Recall can also be a great power for fighting back against enemy hordes. Players just need to have quick reflexes to deal out some karmic damage.

If an enemy is chucking a boulder or some other hefty projectile towards Link, hit it with Recall to send it back towards the baddie who originally let it fly. This is especially rewarding in the snowier regions of the game, where massive snowballs can really ruin your day — or the enemy's. Link can also Recall items he's thrown, so feel free to yoink your own weapons back for a rebound hit or a second try.