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Everyone's Making The Same Jokes About Sony's Project Q

Sony has finally unveiled its next foray into portable gaming, and fans can't help but clown on it. Earlier this year, rumors began to circulate about a new PlayStation-related system called the Q Lite, a handheld device that would allow gamers to stream PS5 games from their console. The functionality of this device was hugely confusing to a number of fans, as it meant that players would need to own a PlayStation 5 and a stable high-speed internet connection to enjoy the Q Lite. Now the handheld has been officially announced β€” under the working title of Project Q β€” and fans are no less befuddled.

Project Q was revealed by Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan, who told viewers of this evening's PlayStation Showcase, "At PlayStation, innovation is our passion. And that applies to not just what games you play, but how you play them." Project Q, which features an 8-inch screen and controls that mirror those of the PS5's DualSense, utilizes PS5's Remote Play function to stream games directly to the device. It sure looks like a sleek bit of kit β€” but the caveats to its use have inspired a number of disparaging comments and jokes at its expense. From its reliance on Remote Play to its overall design, Project Q is already getting roasted by fans online.

Project Q's announcement gets mostly jeers from the crowd

The main gripe fans seem to have about the newly-announced Project Q is that it apparently doesn't allow for cloud-based play. Gamers must have their desired titled downloaded onto their PS5s, then streamed to the handheld. This is not the PlayStation-5-on-the-go experience that many had hoped for. Many people are genuinely confused about why Sony would make a dedicated device that's tied to Remote Play, which already allows gamers to stream their faves to a tablet, computer, or smartphone.

Some are already unfavorably comparing the device to other handhelds on the market. One fan remarked, "If it didn't rely on streaming, it'd be a worthy competitor to the Steam Deck and Switch." Others have resigned themselves to the idea that this could be the only way they get a handheld from Sony in the future. Some got legitimately excited by the idea of a new portable PlayStation device, only to have their bubble burst when the system's limitations were explained to them.

It remains to be seen if Project Q has more surprises on the way. Until we learn more, fans are scratching their heads at β€” and making memes about β€” this invention that looks like a mix between a Switch and a DualSense.