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Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom Fan Website Makes Building So Much Easier

"The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom" introduces a ton of new mechanics for players to mess around with in its revamped (and expanded) world of Hyrule. In addition to the new Zonai abilities Link is introduced to on the Great Sky Island, there are new physics and environmental interactions, Champion abilities, and Zonai Devices that can be attached to objects to create functioning machines. Though some players thought "Tears of the Kingdom" would be too similar to "Breath of the Wild," since it launched, the game's variety of changes have received nothing but praise – some even say it makes its GOTY predecessor look like a tech demo.

Building bridges, vehicles, and other machines is a core part of the "Tears of the Kingdom" experience, but it can initially seem a bit overwhelming. Though Link is introduced to this concept at the start of the game, it can take a long time before players figure out how to make the most efficient — and most impressive — machines. Thankfully, soon after the game's release, one fan created a site that lists every part players need to make a variety of builds with Zonai devices and other parts. 

Called Zeldabuilds.gg, the site takes user-submitted creations with listings of each device and other materials needed to make a build. Though the site won't let players import any "Zelda" builds directly into "Tears of the Kingdom," it's about the closest thing fans have to an official creation-sharing community.

ZeldaBuilds lists the parts needed to recreate other players' Tears of the Kingdom builds

Zeldabuilds.gg is the latest trading hub created by Akrew founder Daniel Luu. Luu was named to the Forbes 30 under 30 list for 2023, and Akrew has worked on several other community-oriented sites for various games. Luu and Akrew also made trading hubs for games like "Animal Crossing," "Diablo 2" and "Roblox," and even recently established esports divisions for "Rocket League" and "Valorant." 

The site has a few key functions that "Zelda" fans will find useful. For starters, there's a search tool, to find creations with specific keywords like  "mech" or "korok on a cross." The homepage has a few pre-set filters like "farm" and "vehicle" to sort with, as well as a way to sort by the most popular creations submitted yet. Once a player finds a build they want to re-create, they will see which exact materials (and how many of them) are needed to replicate the post. Some builds even come with how-to instructions, particularly the more popular and complex ones.

The site isn't just about the builds; it's also a repository of information about the game's new Zonai Devices, materials, and Zonai Dispenser locations. One of the most interesting parts of the site is the "uses" tab, which lists the game's most difficult enemies with suggested vehicles best to take them on. It's a site well worth checking out whether you're new to building or a veritable "Zelda" engineer.