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PewDiePie Met MrBeast, And Now We Know What He's Like In Real Life

Almost a full month ago, PewDiePie and MrBeast sparked a storm of collaboration rumors when they posted a photo of themselves meeting in person for the first time. In the time since, their posts have racked up thousands of comments from curious fans who want to know what these guys are cooking up. MrBeast has mostly played coy since then, joking on his Twitter account that he was just "throwing up random photos," and that he didn't understand why people got so excited about a photo of two dudes just hanging out.

"[By the way] I appreciate all of you and I promise to make good use of all this attention I'm getting," MrBeast added in a followup tweet. "[Haven't] uploaded in a bit because I've been working on my biggest project yet, next video will blow [your] minds." Many of his fans are still fairly positive that whatever this "mind-blowing" video is, it has got to involve PewDiePie in some way. 

Now, after a few weeks of silence on the subject, PewDiePie himself has offered a bit more context for the photo that set the fandom ablaze. While details about their possible collaboration are still scarce, we do know a bit more about how Pewds felt when meeting the fellow YouTube star.

PewDiePie talks about the photoshoot with MrBeast

PewDiePie decided to celebrate a year of living in Japan by making one of his famous "Last Week I Asked You" (LWIAY) videos, in which he answers fan questions and reacts to memes and videos sent to him. He talked a little bit about his Twitch account being banned earlier this month, but the first order of business was to address the photo of himself and MrBeast that he posted to his Instagram account. "I met MrBeast. Hooray!" he said, just before diving into the thousands of comments about the event. 

It seems like PewDiePie knew exactly what he was looking for, as he stopped at a few replies remarking on the height difference between the two content creators. He responded, "Jimmy is a freaking giant! Why is everyone so f***ing tall?" 

PewDiePie told his viewers that he knew people would point out their heights, so he jokingly suggested to MrBeast that he should stand at the top of the hill where the photo was taken, while MrBeast would stand at the bottom. They eventually agreed to do the shoulder-to-shoulder lean seen in the final photos. The pose may have actually highlighted MrBeast's height, but it made for a fun picture all the same. It also didn't hurt that another fan photoshopped PewDiePie to be taller in a later image, which elicited laughter from the YouTuber.

Despite the awkwardness of the photoshoot, PewDiePie has fond memories of his meeting with MrBeast. However, working with MrBeast actually made the normally unflappable creator a bit nervous. Although PewDiePie didn't reveal the exact contents of the collab video, it sounds like it's going to be one that fans won't want to skip.

PewDiePie was 'scared' while working with MrBeast

PewDiePie admitted that he wasn't sure if his video with MrBeast had been posted just yet (and it hasn't, as of this writing), but he could tell fans that it put a surprising amount of pressure on him. "That was a fun and strange day. I don't know if the video is up yet, but it should be very fun," said PewDiePie. "I've never been so scared in my entire life and I thought I [wasn't] able to be that scared."

PewDiePie did explain at least one thing that terrified him on the day of the shoot: He and MrBeast took a ride on one of the rollercoasters in the park seen behind them in the photos. It seems that PewDiePie is not a typical thrill ride fan, as the YouTuber joked that he's pretty sure he lost consciousness during the ride. He even likened the experience to one of the many viral videos in which rollercoaster passengers pass out mid-ride. It's unclear if this rollercoaster ride will be the main focus of his video with MrBeast, or if there's even any footage of their ride together to be shared. Whatever the case, fans are still waiting patiently to see what the pair have in store. 

In the meantime, PewDiePie and his wife Marzia are preparing to welcome their first child into the world, and MrBeast is reportedly changing up his format for some of the future videos on his channel. It's set to be a huge year for two of the biggest content creators in the game.