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Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom Update (v.1.1.2) Fixes Highly Popular Duplication Glitch

Despite being so technically impressive that many game developers have been raving about it online, "The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom" wasn't a completely glitch-less masterwork upon release. None of the bugs have been as visually dulling or game-breaking as the launch-day issues of some other Nintendo flagship titles, of course, but players still found plenty of cracks in the game's robust physics engine to exploit. In the days since the game's launch, players have figured out how to break its physics engine, smuggled the unbroken Master Sword out of the intro segment, and discovered a handful of different item duplication glitches.

Given the massive advantage these glitches give the player, many were surprised to find that none of them were patched out in the first update to hit "Tears of the Kingdom" on May 19. According to some players, the update did tighten the timing and make it more difficult to pull off a few duplication methods, but didn't go so far as to remove them altogether.

It turns out that Nintendo may have just been polishing up the fixes a little longer, however. As of the release of the Version 1.1.2 update on May 26, every known item duplication glitch in "Tears of the Kingdom" appears to have been patched out.

List of glitches patched in version 1.1.2
u/BouncyCreepy in

Players are duping a stockpile of items before updating

From bow-drop dupes, mid-air sorting, and more, quite literally every discovered duplication glitch has apparently been removed. As expected, the comment sections on posts about the update are filled with players reminding each other to duplicate as many items as they want before updating the game. 

As "Tears of the Kingdom" has no online dependency, it's easy enough to ignore the update entirely by putting the Switch on airplane mode or pressing "Start Software" when prompted to install the patch. If a player were so inclined, they could even stay on Version 1.1.1 forever by turning off "Auto Updates" in the system settings of the Switch. However, this probably won't be a sustainable way of playing the game in the long run, as any future DLC will require the game to be up to date.

Interestingly, some players have speculated that some of the glitches that weren't fixed in update 1.1.2 — all of which were movement-related — may never be fixed, as it's intrinsically tied to how the crafting abilities interact with the game's physics. If true, it'll be interesting to see how speedrunners might discover and exploit the unavoidable oddities in the physics engine. If the speedrun records for "Breath of the Wild" are anything to go by, there are some truly jaw-dropping shenanigans to be had in the future.