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The Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom Character You Are Based On Your Zodiac Sign

The transformation of "The Legend of Zelda" franchise goes much deeper than the series' evolution from a 2D top-down adventure game into a sprawling, open world fantasy experience. Almost acting as an indicator for the entire gaming industry, "Zelda" has progressively changed from delivering surface-level stories to presenting gamers with deep benches of well-rounded characters, all with their own tales to tell.

"The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom" is just the latest installment in this legendary series, and as a direct sequel to 2017's "Breath of the Wild," it has more familiar faces than most "Zelda" games. Some of your old friends are back, but they've grown and changed — just like Link, Zelda, and the land of Hyrule itself have. There are, of course, countless new faces as well, and the many characters of "Tears of the Kingdom" all come with their own charming personalities and quirks. Somewhere out there in Hyrule, there's at least one character we can all see ourselves in.

The zodiac according to "Mortal Kombat" might help you find the perfect counterpart to your personality ahead of a big fight, but not everyone needs deeper insight into their spine-ripping alter egos. For those of us who like to imagine what our lives would be like in a majestic (albeit frequently chaotic) fantasy landscape, searching through the "Zelda" cast as astrological signs is arguably the best way forward.


From March 21 to April 19, the zodiac begins with the Aries sign. Being the very first sign, it should surprise no one that Aries are natural leaders. They're brave and bold, and they aren't afraid to flout the rules when needed to pursue their larger goals. Aries are people that you'd be comfortable following, and going along with them would be a much safer option than trying to stand in their way.

Riju is a natural fit for the Aries sign. She's a fearsome warrior and one of the most helpful sages that players can unlock early in the game. Riju's combat abilities are second-to-none, but she isn't just capable of leading on the battlefield. As chief of the Gerudo, Riju has proven that she's a natural leader. She has no qualms about disregarding tradition when it suits her. When Link arrives, she lets him into the city without pause, out of respect for his own fighting strengths.

Riju is also a character that real-life Aries can identify with more than some cookie-cutter archetype. She's a fantastic leader, but she also doubts her own abilities as a leader from time to time. She's not afraid to be introspective and to think deeply about what she needs to do to make life better for her people. Riju's a well-rounded character who's always ready to take charge in a conflict.

TAURUS: Yunobo

Few "Tears of the Kingdom" characters embody practicality and responsibility better than Yunobo. A humble Goron from the big city, Yunobo started his own mining company and built it into one of the most important businesses in his entire culture. It takes hard work and steady dedication to build a company that can seemingly employ half of Goron City, but Yunobo managed to pull it off in record time.

Down to Earth, pragmatic sensibilities are best represented by the Taurus sign, which reigns from April 20 to May 20. Tauruses are the kind of people that you know you can rely on in a crisis. They always have a clear plan of action, and they're beyond dedicated to making sure that things work out for the most important people in their lives. The flip side of that is the extreme disappointment Tauruses feel when things don't go according to plan, or else when they're forced to face their own insecurities.

That particular struggle is something that Yunobo really gets to experience in this game. He was tricked by a false doppleganger of Zelda into unleashing a veritable plague on Goron City. The marbled rock roast that his company started producing controlled people's minds, disrupted lives, and tore apart relationships. Even though it wasn't completely his fault, Yunobo takes full responsibility for what happened, and the disappointment he feels in himself only fuels his energy and resolve to help Link make Hyrule a better place for everyone.


Gemini signs are born between May 21 and June 20, the last bit of spring heading into summer. Like the season of their birth, Geminis have expansive personalities that are full of bombastic energy and curiosity. Geminis want to go out into the world and see it all for themselves. They're quick learners, but they can also be prone to unpredictable bouts of rapid decision-making.

Any "Tears of the Kingdom" player knows that Tulin fits right in with the Gemini lifestyle. When Link first encounters Tulin in the game, the young Rito is seen arguing with his father. A mystical blizzard is cutting off their community from some much-needed supplies, and Tulin believes that he has the know-how to put an end to it. Despite his father's pleas, Tulin flies off into the storm, determined to find a way to return some normalcy to Rito village.

After becoming the Sage of Wind, Tulin is more prepared than ever to explore the world. He has the ability to summon great gusts of wind that can push him and Link further along on their journey, helping the two of them sail past any obstacles in their path. Tulin's friends might not always know what the Rito is going to do next, but they can rest assured that he'll do anything in his power to pursue what's right.

CANCER: Mineru

Cancers — born from June 21 to July 22 — are some of the most emotionally attuned people. They have a deep empathic intuition and an ability to pick up on subtle hints and clues that most other people miss. Because of that, they also have incredibly active imaginations and can come up with some great insights, but they're also prone to mood swings and sometimes read as closed-off to the other signs.

When it comes to reading into the hidden signs of the world, there's no "Tears of the Kingdom" character better suited for the task than Mineru. Rauru's older sister is someone that the king of Hyrule turns to when he needs help. He takes Zelda to see Mineru, and she's able to instantly divine Zelda's inner power and shed some light on the nature of Zelda's time-manipulating abilities.

Mineru doesn't, however, come up with a fantastic solution for getting Zelda back to her own era. Like many Cancers, Mineru has a bit of a pessimistic outlook. She tells Zelda that the only way she can reliably get home is to swallow her secret stone, become an immortal dragon, and live for tens of thousands of years until she makes it back to her own time. 

Mineru is sympathetic to Zelda's pain, but she doesn't inspire much hope in the young princess. There's a reason why, even though Mineru may be the wiser sibling, Rauru is the leader of Hyrule.

LEO: Addison

The late summer, from July 23 to August 22, belongs to the Leos. Known for being fiercely loyal, deeply committed to their goals, and generally creative, many Leos are themselves great leaders. Even Leos who don't find themselves in a leadership position will often find themselves leading the charge on tasks that others would find impossible. Once a Leo sets their mind to something, they typically won't stop until it's complete.

There's one man in "Tears of the Kingdom" who's more loyal than Link, one who's set himself on a path toward achieving something even more difficult than defeating Ganondorf. Addison has a deep passion for President Hudson, the chief of the Hudson Construction Company. In order to honor his hero, Addison is determined to put up signs of the president all over Hyrule. No climate is too extreme, and no landscape is too difficult to climb. Addison carries heavy wooden signs to every part of the kingdom, and he's so committed to President Hudson that he refuses to let those signs ever touch the ground.

Of course, Addison doesn't necessarily have the skills needed to achieve his goal. Without Link's help, he'd never get a sign nailed down. But at the same time, without Addison's intense dedication, there wouldn't be signs to nail down in the first place. 

Does Hyrule need the signs? It hardly matters; Addison's commitment is admirable no matter what.

VIRGO: Josha

Science and research are big parts of Hyrulian culture in this version of the kingdom. "Breath of the Wild" introduced Sheikah technology, and now "Tears of the Kingdom" has brought Zonai tech to Hyrule. Between all the new gear, and the shocking new landmasses that have been discovered, there's a lot to learn about in the kingdom.

Virgos are the sign most likely to dive deep into research and study. Born between August 23 and September 22, Virgos know how to grind better than any other sign. They are thoughtful, methodical, and deeply analytical, which makes them the perfect sign to uncover everything there is to know about the new developments in Hyrule.

Josha is one of the primary researchers in Hyrule, and she's a Virgo through and through. She's set herself to the ambitious task of mapping the mysterious Depths in their entirety. Along the way, she plans to make sense of the mysterious statues, buildings, and lightroots that populate the underbelly of the kingdom. As a scientist, Josha isn't necessarily interested in developing new technologies or building anything of her own. Her main goal is understanding the world around her and deepening the kingdom's knowledge about its history and the present changes disrupting life everywhere. 

Josha never stops working, but even though she deserves a break, there's no denying that all her efforts are well spent.

LIBRA: Sonia

Libras are born just as fall begins, from September 23 to October 22. They're non-confrontational to a fault, but that flaw can lead to some major upsides. Libras make great diplomats, as they incline toward cooperation in all their pursuits. A nation led by a Libra can rest easy knowing that its leader is harmonious by nature and likely to be fair in all things.

Because of that, the Hyrule of the past gets to relax. Queen Sonia helps keep the peace in the land, and her gentle nature sets the tone for the entire kingdom. Nothing seems to trouble Sonia. When Zelda mysteriously appears in her era, the queen greets her with a smile and immediately sets about putting Zelda's mind at ease. Sonia's open, trusting nature helps Zelda acclimate to the new/old Hyrule that she finds herself in, and it's Sonia's energy that keeps Zelda from losing all hope of ever being able to return home.

For as much as the people around Sonia are grateful for her trusting energy, her tendency toward peace and harmony inadvertently causes some genuine problems. Sonia is willing to trust Ganondorf, even after his previous attacks on the kingdom. Though she was trying to push Hyrule toward peace with all its neighbors, her misplaced trust eventually backfires when Ganondorf makes a surprise attack and steals Sonia's magic stone.


The late fall — from October 23 to November 21 — gives way to the Scorpio, and many people find Scorpios difficult to read. They can be a bit mysterious and elusive, keeping their intentions close to the chest and only revealing their inner thoughts and feelings when absolutely necessary. Don't be fooled, though: Scorpios are a powerful sign, with a wealth of resources typically kept close at hand, allowing them to deal with any complications that arise.

Based on that description, it's easy to see why the main Scorpio in "Tears of the Kingdom" is Rauru, the first king of Hyrule. 10,000 years before the events of "Breath of the Wild" (but an incalculable amount of time after the events of any other "Zelda" game), Rauru founded Hyrule with Queen Sonia, and together they led the kingdom through its first Great Calamity. Rauru is happy to help his people, even offer Zelda assistance without hesitation when she arrives. However, the true scope of Rauru's power is something that he's unwilling to share without prompting.

When necessary, Rauru can summon devastating amounts of power. Ganondorf once sent a swarm of Molduga racing toward Hyrule, and by using his own Secret Stone, Rauru wiped them out with a single magical blow. As the fight against Ganondorf became even more desperate, Rauru gathered the first sages and revealed that he had a supply of other stones that gave them all access to immense power. In many way, Rauru's secrets are his greatest strength.


A Sagittarius is always ready for adventure. They are bold and easily excitable, and they especially gravitate towards experiences that will deepen their knowledge of the world and show them things they never knew before. As they wander the world, always traveling and exploring, Sagittariuses grace those they meet with a friendly smile and plenty of generosity. As leaders, they tend to be a bit unfocused, but they make all of their people feel special.

Princess Zelda may not have been born between November 22 and December 21 (does Hyrule even have months?), but she's undoubtedly a Sagittarius. The opening of "Tears of the Kingdom" shows off Zelda's adventurous nature, as she leads Link into the caves beneath Hyrule castle to discover the secrets buried there. She can hardly contain her excitement when they find clues regarding the history of the kingdom, which might reshape Hyrule's understanding of itself.

The game also highlights Zelda's selfless generosity. We learn that in between games, Zelda spent a good deal of time in Hateno village, where she opened a school to teach the next generation of Hylians everything they might need to know, hoping to lead the kingdom to prosperity. Once she's stuck in the past, Zelda continues doing everything she can to help the people around her, even when it means putting her own quest to return home on the back-burner.


Responsibility is the name of the game for Capricorns, who are born between December 22 and January 19. They have a no-nonsense attitude that lends itself toward getting work done. Though they're good at managing their time, learning from their past mistakes, and laying out a plan that efficiently carries them from Point A to Point B, they aren't necessarily great at communicating those traits to others. Capricorns are independent spirits, and they're most productive when they're doing their work alone.

Link is a natural Capricorn. He's a hard worker, and he's diligent in his approach to the task at hand. Whether it's reporting the news, researching the Depths, or finding a lost princess, Link pursues his goals with utter tenacity. No matter how many times he gets knocked off course, he keeps forging ahead towards his goal.

"Tears of the Kingdom" forces Link to work more cooperatively than he's used to. The spirits of the sages join him on his travels, but it's worth noting that working alongside spirits still allows for plenty of quiet time. Link is the silent, sturdy protagonist of the series, and his solid relationship with Zelda balances out the extreme tendencies of both characters, allowing them to become the perfect heroes for Hyrule.


In "Tears of the Kingdom," Link stops relying on the Sheikah Slate from the previous game and replaces it with the hottest new technology that's sweeping through the kingdom of Hyrule: the Purah Pad. The two pieces of tech are functionally very similar, but Link's new device is a Hyrule original invented by Purah, one of the lead scientists and developers in the kingdom.

Purah is the embodiment of Aquarius energy. Those born from January 20 to February 18 have an inherent inventiveness that's always pushing them toward the next big benchmark of progress. WhereAS others might have restless energy, Aquarius signs have intense imaginations backed by extreme determination. They're always dreaming up new improvements to the world around them, and they have more energy to get those ideas implemented than any other sign.

Purah herself is almost chronically unsatisfied with the state of technology in Hyrule. She's not one to rest on her laurels, and even though she fully embraces the idea that the Purah Pad is a huge advancement for Hyrule, she isn't going to stop there. Purah doesn't have time to investigate her deeper emotions or to concern herself with the emotions of others. That might be a bit of a fault in her character, but it's also what grants her the ability to build new things and utterly change Hyrule in ways that other people could hardly imagine.


Pisces finishes out the zodiac calendar, running from February 19 to March 20. It's also a water sign, meaning that creativity and deep empathy are always in the cards for a Pisces. More often than not, Pisces have gentle personalities, and because they're such good listeners, they also tend to be wise beyond their years. Pisces don't just learn from their own mistakes, they learn from the mistakes of others and try to use that knowledge to improve life for everyone.

As a member of the Zora royal family, Sidon might seem like a natural fit for a water sign, but his connection to Pisces runs much deeper than just that surface level similarity. He's now appeared in two "Zelda" games, and in both he's revealed himself to be someone who wears his heart on his sleeve. Whether he's mourning his sister or joyfully welcoming Link back into his home, Sidon isn't afraid to be emotional.

It's Sidon's openness and empathy that make him so popular among his people and fans of the "Zelda" series. Sidon acts in a kindhearted way to everyone he meets, in part because his family history is so tragic. Rather than allowing his grief to transform into rage, however, Sidon takes the toughest moments of his past and transforms them into energy that he can put toward building a brighter future for the entire kingdom.