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Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom's Best Horses (& What Each One Has To Offer)

Update 06/12/2023: A previous version of this article stated that Stalhorses could only be found in the Depths. They can also be found in the Sanidin Park Ruins.

"Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom" had quite a legacy to live up to in following the beloved "Breath of the Wild." Critics, including at ZaaZ, have found that the new title not only lives up to but exceeds these high expectations by introducing lots of great new ideas while also building on what came before. Among the returning ideas that help make "Tears of the Kingdom" a hit is the presence of horses that can be caught, tamed, and ridden across the open world.

"Tears of the Kingdom" gives players incredible freedom to use the Fuse ability to create some amazing contraptions and vehicles. This level of possible customization has blown away even other game developers and means that many players are blasting through Hyrule on DIY rockets and jet planes. More traditional players, however, will likely want to stick to riding horses for travel. Fortunately, these players have lots of options to choose from.

Gamers interested in acquiring a stable full of horses will have plenty of opportunities to catch and tame wild horses throughout the world, but there are also a few unique horses that players will definitely want to focus on grabbing when they can. One isn't necessarily better than the others, but each has something great to offer that makes it worth having in certain situations.


The Stalhorse isn't actually unique as there's more than one to be found throughout Hyrule, but these skeletal creatures still deserve a spot on this list for their cool and creepy look — and for the special trait that they can offer players. While riding one of these spooky horses, Link is immune to damage from the Gloom. 

Unlike other horses, Stalhorses actually seem to like Gloom and actively shun sunlight. As a result, they can usually be found in the Depths. Despite the danger posed in hunting one down in those dark places, their resistance to Gloom makes them vital for certain situations. On the surface world, Stalhorses can be found in the Sanidin Park Ruins in the dead of night. However, any attempts to register the beast will not be permitted. As one might expect, the stable owners are way too creeped out by undead horses to give them a place to stay.

Still, whenever players anticipate facing lots of Gloom on a quest or need to venture into the Depths, riding one of these horses is highly recommended. Being able to simply ride through the Gloom could be a lifesaver in tense situations and makes the Stalhorse one of the best in the game. 


A nod to past "Zelda" games, including "Breath of the Wild," Epona makes a triumphant return in "Tears of the Kingdom" and brings plenty to offer players who take the time to acquire her. Even better, finding and registering the iconic horse is fairly easy for veterans of the "Zelda" series. 

For fans who previously played through "Breath of the Wild" and still have a save file on their Switch, Epona will automatically be in the game. Players need only head to the New Serenne stable to find their old companion there waiting for them. Those without a save file need not despair though. Anyone willing to pay a few dollars more for a "Twilight Princess" Link or "Super Smash Bros" Link amiibo can scan it after reaching Hyrule for the first time to summon the Epona into their game. This makes getting Epona easy — and these amiibos two of the best for "Tears of the Kingdom." 

However they get her, Epona makes an excellent choice for general adventuring and exploring. She features four out of five-star stats for Strength, Speed, and Stamina, making her superb and balanced. While not the absolute best at anything, she's great at everything and ready for almost any scenario. Many players will likely make her their default option when they don't know what they'll be encountering for just this reason.

Golden Horse

The Golden Horse doesn't quite have the same Stamina as Epona, but it does rival her in Speed and Strength. More importantly, this beautiful and shiny horse has an ability that no other horse on this list possesses.

While the rest of these unique horses have their own strengths and stats, none of them are capable of pulling a cart. The Golden Horse, on the other hand, does have the ability to pull vehicles, which makes it a great choice for anyone who needs to do so. With remarkable speed on its own — and this ability on top of that — this horse is undoubtedly one of the best available to players.

The Golden Horse is also the only one on this list that's associated with an actual side quest. If Link heads to the Lucky Clover Gazette near Rito Village, he can get the mission to find and tame this majestic beast. Then he need only head to the North Tabantha Snowfield and search for herds of horses. Doing so will earn Link a completed quest and yet another four-legged companion.

Giant White Stallion

Perhaps the greatest horse on this list, at least in terms of sheer size, is the Giant White Stallion. This massive horse may not be the fastest, lacks the ability to sprint, and can't pull a cart or wagon, but it certainly brings something else to the table for adventurers.

Thanks to its massive size, the Giant White Stallion features a maxed-out Strength score, which makes it extra tough. As such, this stallion is the perfect choice for anyone who plans on riding into combat. While other horses may get Link where he wants to go faster, this is the horse that he'll want when he reaches his destination and needs to face some monsters.

The Giant White Stallion can be found across the bridge at the Lake of the Horse God and will require plenty of stamina to train. Those who do accomplish this challenging feat, however, will gain a mighty companion worthy of joining them in battle.