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Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom - Recipe List For The 5 Best Elixirs In The Game

"Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom" brings back the ability to make elixirs from "Breath of the Wild," and they're just as useful as ever. With 14 different elixirs to brew, Link can put Potions students in "Hogwarts Legacy" to shame and has no shortage of options to choose from. With so much variety in elixir types, effects, and required ingredients, it can be tough for new players to keep everything straight to figure out what to prioritize.

Fortunately, while every elixir has its use, it is possible to narrow the list down to a handful of the most important elixirs to focus on. By knowing which elixirs are best and their recipes, players can choose what's important and make their early playthrough much easier.

For those who need a head start in elixir brewing or just some help with a key recipe, here's a list of the five best elixirs and how to create them.

Sneaky Elixir

An elixir that every player should know how to make is the Sneaky Elixir. While Link will spend lots of time defeating his enemies in combat, sometimes discretion is the better part of valor, and it pays to be able to hide and evade monsters until Link is ready to deal with them. That's where this useful elixir comes in.

The Sneaky Elixir will temporarily boost Link's stealth — making it easier to avoid an unwanted conflict and get out of trouble when necessary. While it won't render him completely invisible, it could mean the difference between escape and grueling battle if used effectively. Further, for those who like to begin fights with sneak attacks, this elixir is just the thing to help them get into position for the perfect strike.

To brew this potion, all a player needs is a monster part and a Sunset Firefly. Monster parts, of course, can be found by defeating monsters throughout the world. Players should look for Sunset Fireflies in East Necluda and the Faron Grasslands. Only one of each ingredient is required but adding more will extend the duration of the elixir's effect.

Hearty Elixir

Sometimes combat can't be avoided and, for those occasions, it pays to have a good health potion. In "Tears of the Kingdom," that potion is the Hearty Elixir. This elixir will not only restore Link's health, but it also grants him temporary bonus hearts that will last as long as he doesn't lose them to new damage. This makes the Hearty Elixir invaluable for tough boss fights or any other tough encounter.

To brew this elixir players will need a monster part and, appropriately enough, a Hearty Lizard. Again, one of each is all that's needed, but more can be used to increase the effect. To find the required lizards, players can check in East Necluda and the Gerudo Highlands. This elusive reptile is notably difficult to find, so players should be sure to grab one whenever they spot it. Further, those who don't have the time or inclination to go hunting can buy some Hearty Lizards from Beedle the traveling merchant — although they won't come cheap. Still, for the sake of getting a Hearty Elixir, the cost will be well worth it. 

Bright Elixir

As with the rest of the games in the "Legend of Zelda" timeline, "Tears of the Kingdom" calls for Link to make regular trips into dark and mysterious caves and dungeons. To safely make these journeys through dark locations like the Depths, players will want to have a Bright Elixir at the ready. Swigging this handy potion will cause Link to glow for a time, shining light around his surroundings and helping him make his way through the darkness.

Once again, players will need one monster part to brew this elixir, and once again, they'll also need to track down a thematically appropriate animal as well. In the case of the Bright Elixir, players will need to find at least one Deep Firefly — while more increases the duration of the glow. To find these luminous insects, players should search in the Great Abandoned Central Mine and the Lanayru Wetlands Depths.

Energizing Elixir

Stamina is a vital stat in "Tears of the Kingdom." It represents the required energy for climbing, swimming, and even simply attacking enemies. Further, stamina is expended in taming wild horses, so players looking to acquire some of the best horses available will need any boost to stamina that they can get. For those who want to max out their stamina or just get a little boost to tame a particularly wild horse, the Energizing Elixir is a must-have.

The Energizing Elixir can be consumed to quickly restore a portion of Link's stamina with the number of ingredients used increasing its impact, so every player should endeavor to have one of these on them at all times. Fortunately, in addition to the standard monster part, two different creatures can be used to complete the recipe, which gives players more options.

Either a Restless Cricket or an Energetic Rhino Beetle can be added to a monster part to complete this elixir. The crickets can be found in tall grass in Hyrule Field and East Necluda while the beetles are found in trees in Great Sky Island and West Necluda.

Fairy Tonic

The final item on this list doesn't have the word elixir in its name, but it is still an elixir that can be brewed and consumed like any other, and it absolutely deserves a spot among the best elixirs in the game. The Fairy Tonic is the ultimate emergency potion that players will always want to have on hand whenever possible — and especially when they know they'll be facing a tough fight.

Unlike the other elixirs on this list, the Fairy Tonic isn't consumed ahead of time or even in the midst of a tough encounter. Instead, this is kept in reserve and automatically consumed when Link is defeated. If and when this happens, Link will immediately consume the Fairy Tonic to revive himself and restore some of his health. This will stave off defeat and keep him in the fight.

This elixir is also unique in that it requires no monster parts, and the player can't add more ingredients to make it more powerful. Instead, the recipe for this elixir requires just a single Fairy. These creatures can be found in the Hyrule Caves and the Hyrule Sky Islands. Finding them will be invaluable for players, so they can brew up this powerful elixir.