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Zelda: Where Is Foothill Stable In Tears Of The Kingdom?

With a map as massive as this one, it's easy to get a little lost in "Tears of the Kingdom." While importing horses from "Breath of the Wild" or getting Epona (as part of the best amiibo rewards for the game) can cut down on travel time, it won't help much if players don't know where to go — especially if they're looking to stable their horse. Plus, checking into a stable can give Link some Pony Points, which can then be used for cosmetic upgrades for whatever mount Link currently has (or even an extra stall). There are plenty of stalls from which to choose — 16, to be precise — all scattered across the map in convenient locations.

They're the perfect place to do some mundane tasks between big quests, like bartering with Beedle or just resting between larger landmarks. But where can you find the Foothill Stable? Why, near Cephla Lake.

It's next to Cephla Lake

The exact location of the stable is at the following coordinates: 2560, 1226, 0172. Link will need to head on to the northeast of Central Hyrule (and north of the Lanayru Wetlands) into Eldin Canyon to find this particular stable. If Link is leaving from Zora's Domain after completing the "Sidon of Zora" quest, head north. It's really near to Cephla Lake, so aim for the lake itself to find the stable itself. Similarly, if Link has just come from Death Mountain, head down south — or if Link needs to go to Death Mountain to find Goron City (and Yunobo to get his quest, appropriately called "Yunobo of Goron City"), head north towards the very tippy top of the map.

Once Foothill Stable has been found, Link can then speak to Ozunda at the front desk to be awarded a single Pony Point — after Link steps up to the side counter where Ozunda keeps his ledger, of course.