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Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom's Most Annoying Characters

"The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom" tells one of the franchise's most complex stories yet, weaving a story with an extensive timeline and plenty of magical plot twists. Of course, no open world story is complete without plenty of colorful characters to populate said world, and "Tears of the Kingdom" is filled to bursting with new faces and returning favorites.

That doesn't mean all of these characters are winners, however. For although Link encounters plenty of noble companions and endearing weirdos in the wilds of Hyrule, there are some folks who just rub players the wrong way. Even some of our heroes can't help but get on our nerves, even when they're genuinely well-meaning. That doesn't mean they're bad characters — just a bit much.

With that in mind, take a deep breath and put your swords away. Let's take a look at a few of Hyrule's most annoying inhabitants from "Tears of the Kingdom."


Let's just get this out of the way up top: Yunobo is an absolute sweetheart, one of Link's most dedicated ride-or-die companions and a hero to the children of Goron City. However, that does not change the fact that he can be downright grating to hang out with.

There's something about Yunobo's never-ending excitement, which keeps him at shouting volume all of the time, that definitely begins to wear on a player's patience after a while. Sure, it's awesome that Yunobo is full of confidence and always happy to charge ahead into battle at a moment's notice, but it comes with the caveat of hearing him constantly yelling things like, "I can do this!" This is especially true when he and Link are traveling through the Fire Temple, as he'll start hollering his daily affirmations every single time the pair step into one of the temple's many mine carts.

A little positivity goes a mighty long way, and it's great that Yunobo is such a supportive friend. But boy, he could stand to take it down a few notches.


Some of Hyrule's inhabitants might test players' nerves for being overly chatty or unhelpful, but Addison might take the cake for the most annoying character in "Tears of the Kingdom." This fella pops up all over Hyrule and can be found holding up signs depicting the President of Hudson Construction, which Addison made as a sign of support for his employer.

One thing you can't fault Addison for is his dedication. He's out there in rain, snow, and impossible heat, just holding these signs like all life depends on it. The problem is that he did this without ever learning the first thing about proper sign placement. Link has to keep using his powers to prop these signs up, and Addison reacts with incredulity every time the swordsman tells him to let go of one — and gets legitimately ticked off if one of Link's improvised sign-holders doesn't work as planned. It's not like Addison bothered to build one correctly before setting on his quest with dozens of signs!

All of these factors add up to a character that's somewhere right between pitiable and infuriating. As noted by Polygon's Oli Welsh, "wherever you go in Hyrule, Addison got there first. He's on an epic quest of his own — only in Addison's case, it's not saving the princess, it's sucking up to his boss."


Hestu is one of the most chill creatures in the whole of existence. His greatest desires in life appear to be watching over the smaller Koroks, shaking his adorable maracas, and having little dance parties with his buddies. It seems impossible to dislike him, and yet... It's hard not be hugely annoyed with a character who rewards you with a big, golden piece of poop after you've spent hours upon hours tracking down and rescuing their brethren.

On top of that, Hestu's dialogue — and that of his fellow Koroks — leaves it a bit ambiguous as to whether or not he recognizes Link from their last meeting in "Breath of the Wild." Dude, this guy has saved all of your friends twice, AND you've rewarded him with excrement on both occasions! The least you can do is remember Hyrule's greatest hero, the guy who literally snagged the Master Sword from your domain.

Whatever, Hestu. Just keep shaking your maracas.