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Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom's New v1.1.2 Duplication Glitch May Be The Best One Yet

With how massive the world of "The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom" is, grinding for rare resources can become an absolute chore that takes hours on end. That's why many fans were dismayed when the version 1.1.2 update aggressively fixed every popular item duplication glitch: With no way to roll back the game version without deleting save files, it seemed players would be forced to grind every diamond, dragon part, and Star Fragment by hand from thereon out. 

Fortunately for them, a new working duplication glitch has been found not a week after the update. The catch is that it has a laundry list of prerequisites to work, involving a story-locked location as well as access to tons of arrows and a high-level bow. Unlike the previous dupe glitches, it's definitely not one any player can attempt in the early game. On the flip side, however, it takes practically zero finesse with timing and UI manipulation, making it extremely easy to spam once a player has everything unlocked. On top of that, it has an exponentially more efficient duplication rate: Between the ease of execution and fast returns, this new dupe glitch may be the best one yet in "Tears of the Kingdom."

The glitch is incredibly efficient if done right

To execute the duplication, a player will need a multishot bow — the more shots, the better — a good stockpile of arrows, and access to Tobio's Hollow Chasm. Then, they'll want to enter the Chasm — either through the story-locked door or from the bottom-up — and walk down the slope until about -158 on the y-coordinate, just when the mist turns from mostly green to mostly blue. Fuse the desired item with an arrow, shoot it with the multishot bow up over the incline, and voila: The copied arrows are all frozen mid-air, intact and ready to drop their fused items for the player to collect. 

On a technical level, it seems that the shift between green to blue mist marks some sort of invisible boundary between the overworld and the Depths. For some reason, this boundary has a physics-stopping effect that freezes projectiles and deletes their momentum, only re-enacting gravity on them when the player walks closer. The result is that, with a bit of aiming to make sure the arrows don't prematurely collide with the ground or each other, a player can duplicate as many as 21 copies of an item in a few seconds. Unfortunately, it does seem rather trivial to patch out with just a bit of terrain adjustment — but with how fast the duplication rates are, players should be able to get quite a bit of mileage out of the glitch before it's gone in the next update.