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Video Games Markiplier Can't Stand

Markiplier is a pretty chill guy, as evidenced by his sense of humor and his smooth-as-silk voice. His inviting personality and willingness to try new things have garnered him a pretty strong following over the years, and his viewers are always excited to tune into whatever his latest project may be. It's undeniable, however, that some of his biggest hits are his "let's play" videos, in which he dives into various games and records his reactions in real time.

The titles Markiplier plays on his channel range from mega-hits to obscure indie titles, which keeps his content fresh and allows him to indulge his various interests. It also gives viewers a chance to see how he performs under pressure. Although Markiplier typically has a fun time in these videos, regardless of the genre, there are a few games that have just rubbed him the wrong way. When that's happened, Markiplier has not shied away from letting fans know he's displeased.

From rage quits to titles that have just left him baffled, here are some games that Markiplier cannot stand.


Way back in 2013, fans got one of their first tastes of Markiplier sincerely disliking a game. That game was "Evil," an indie horror title published by Nameless. Markiplier tends to gravitate to scary games, but this one just didn't have what he was looking for. 

From the very start of his playthrough, Mark complained about the game awkward UI, lo-fi graphics, and apparently computer-generated narration. Aside from some clunky platforming, Markiplier found most of the game to be a slow-moving experience, with much of his time spent walking forward and trying to understand what the plot was supposed to be.

Towards the end of the video, Markiplier said, "I haven't got much left to say ... Right from the get-go, I felt like something was off." He clarified, "Not in the creepy sense that 'something was off,' but 'something's off' like, something's off with the design of the game." He further described "Evil" as feeling more of a ride than a game, arguing that it simply wasn't interesting enough to hold his attention.

In the comments on YouTube, many viewers still recall this as the first time they saw Markiplier trash a title he was playing. It's very telling that he's never returned to it in the decade since this video!

Getting Over It

"Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy" is a bizarre platformer game in which players control a naked man in a cauldron who must use a hammer to climb up and over obstacles. That sounds simple enough, but developer Bennett Foddy purposefully designed the game's controls to be as finicky as possible, adding to the overall sense of adversity. Many YouTubers and streamers have tried their hand at this title over the years, but it's perhaps best known as a game that took Markiplier a number of years to complete.

Part of this lengthy playtime is due to the YouTuber's frequent rage quits, which resulted in him storming away from the camera and avoiding the game for months at a time. At one point, Mark even accidentally lost his save file, meaning he had to restart the game from scratch. Though he eventually dialed back his rage and finished "Getting Over It," fans aren't likely to forget his public (and hilarious) displays of distaste towards the game.


Let's make something clear, right off the bat: "Vanish" has been specifically designed to drive gamers nutty. Developed by 3DrunkMen, "Vanish" begins by spawning the protagonist inside a spooky dark tunnel — and that's it. Players are not given any directions, and something murderous is in the tunnels with the protagonist. It is possible to complete "Vanish," but less than a hundred people have reportedly done so.

It all adds up to a perfect recipe for driving Markiplier up the wall (just not the walls of the tunnel, unfortunately). Over the course of several videos, viewers have gotten to see Markiplier go from skeptical to unnerved to furious at the obtuse game. Every time he plays it, he swears he'll never do it again. But because our guy is a glutton for virtual punishment — and because the game has received a few updates over time — he's returned over and over again. Something about the bold-faced challenge and the unpredictability of this title kept him coming back for more, making for a video series that fans love to revisit.

It's been nearly a decade since the last time Markiplier played "Vanish," but viewers continue to hold out hope that he'll tread that spooky tunnel once again, despite how mad it makes him.

I Am Bread

Back in 2014, Markiplier uploaded the first few videos of his experience playing Bossa Studios' "I Am Bread," which he described as the game that made him angrier than any other before it. In a deeply funny turn of events, Markiplier was among the first YouTubers to play the game publicly, as he was given an early access code by the developers. The saga of Markiplier playing "I Am Bread" has turned into one of the most-loved among fans, even though (or perhaps because) the YouTuber clearly hates it so much.

"I Am Bread," as the title implies, puts players in control of slices of living bread, which are determined to reach the toaster and become extra crispy. To do so, players must solve puzzles and maneuver the bread around various hazards, all while trying to keep the bread from getting too dirty to eat. 

Markiplier has a lot of trouble with that last part, consistently maneuvering his bread too close to the edge of a countertop or dropping it onto a dirty shoeprint and ruining a perfectly good piece of future toast. In his very first video playing the game, he declared it to be broken and refused to ever play it again, but the call of "I Am Bread" proved to be too strong. Markiplier has played it several more times in his YouTube career, getting more red-faced and annoyed with each attempt. 

In a move that's a bit wild even for Markiplier, "I Am Bread" actually made the content creator so frustrated that he shattered his controller. This is one title he may never complete.