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Chris Tyson Reveals How They Handle Haters In Honest AMA

Chris Tyson, known for their work with MrBeast and his associated YouTube channels, has had a pretty momentous year. Back in April, the content creator and online personality revealed on Twitter that they've been undergoing Hormone Replacement Therapy, which got everyone talking right away. While they expressed the feeling that HRT was making them feel much happier and more like their authentic self, Tyson (who uses any pronouns) was almost immediately the subject of intense backlash online. However, Chris Tyson has reportedly been able to take this response in stride, according to a recent AMA (Ask Me Anything) video.

Shortly after Chris announced their transition, rumors began to spread that MrBeast had fired them from his team. MrBeast felt the need to weigh in on the constant stream of negativity directed at himself and his friend. Fed up with the attacks on Chris and the insinuations that their transition would be a problem for their YouTube channel, MrBeast tweeted, "this is getting absurd. Chris isn't my 'nightmare' he's my f***en friend and things are fine. All this transphobia is starting to p*** me off." 

However, MrBeast's response has not curbed any of the continued hate that Chris has received online. And although the content creator may be taking more frequent breaks from appearing in MrBeast videos these days, they have not backed down from handling the trolls. In a series of AMA videos posted to Snapchat (just in time for Pride Month, no less), Chris Tyson has explained to their followers how they handle the haters online. Although Tyson related their thoughts with a healthy dose of sarcasm, they did have some undeniably honest answers for those fans' questions.

Chris Tyson refuses to worry about others' negative opinions

Over the course of the AMA session (which has been reposted by DramaAlert on Twitter), Chris Tyson answered a number of questions about their personal life and work. A handful of fans were specifically interested in learning about how the YouTuber copes with stress and negativity from people online. 

In response to one user asking how they respond to hate, Chris had a fairly acerbic answer: "My favorite thing to do is to respond when people are like, 'You'll never be a woman!' I'll be like, 'You'll never be a man,'" Chris explained. "'You'll always just be a little, tiny boy just screaming on the internet.' Real men go outside and do things with their lives. You're just on Snapchat." Tyson then clarified that this was a hypothetical response to an actual hater, and wasn't meant to be directed at the person who asked the question.

Another fan asked if Chris ever let the online hate get to them, to which they responded, "Hate doesn't bother me." The YouTuber explained that they had spent so much of their life before now being afraid of sharing their personal journey with the public. Now that they're out and proud of who they are, Tyson explained, "I just do not care. Like, I know that people are going to not like me, or not be okay with me."

This lines up with the sentiments Chris Tyson has shared on social media over the last few months, as well. Shortly after revealing that they were taking HRT, Tyson said that they were looking forward to sharing more with the fans who really care, and was happy to talk more about the positive effect HRT is having on their life.

'They cannot win unless I let them'

Of course, witty retorts aren't the only thing that can keep the haters at bay. Sometimes, you really need to know that there are people you can rely on. 

According to Chris Tyson, their real-life friends and colleagues are a big reason why they've been able to deal with all of the negativity. "There's some people that support me and love me, no matter what," Chris said during the AMA. "But, at the end of the day, the haters can't take the hormones out of my body. They can't grab the pills out of my mouth. Like, they cannot win unless I let them. So, I don't. So, doing great!"

Although there have certainly been some negative responses to this AMA on social media already, others have thanked the content creator for their positivity in the face of the continuing backlash. And judging by Chris Tyson's comments during the AMA, it seems like the angry comments won't do much to weaken their resolve — Chris isn't going anywhere. Fans can probably look forward to plenty of honest AMA sessions and collabs with MrBeast in the future.