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Zelda: Majora's Mask Is Hiding In Tears Of The Kingdom's Floating Coliseum

Though it divided fans at launch, "Majora's Mask" has earned a reputation as one of the darkest and highest-rated "Zelda" entries in the history of the franchise. Nintendo chose to honor this legacy in "Tears of the Kingdom" by including the titular Majora's Mask, though this detail is easy to miss due to its location in the out-of-the-way Floating Coliseum and the rather intense process required to acquire it.

In addition to its aesthetic appeal and the feeling of nostalgia it evokes, Majora's Mask provides a potent benefit – especially for those who want to explore Hyrule in relative peace. As the description states, the artifact "makes it harder for enemies to spot [Link]." This deception works on basic monsters, such as Bokoblins, but it will not fool named foes.

Players will have to invest a significant amount of time and resources to claim Majora's Mask as their own. Before heading into the Depths, they should consider collecting a few heart containers, as they're in for some of the hardest fights of the game.

Where to find the Floating Coliseum

"Tears of the Kingdom" players can find the Floating Coliseum entrance at the coordinates (-1134, -1202, -0499) within the Depths. It is situated beneath Hyrule Field's Coliseum Ruins on the surface, so players should drop a pin on this location before heading underground for easy guidance. The Great Plateau North Chasm (-0665, -1506, 0065), which can be found near the Kyokugon Shrine, offers the most direct access route.

After entering the Depths, players should head northwest. They'll eventually run into a Zonai workstation, which offers the option to create a flying machine to take them to their destination. Before setting foot inside of the Floating Coliseum, players should consider activating the Mu-ustust Lightroot (-1423, -1351, -0517). If they've already completed Robbie's questline, the Floating Coliseum entrance is also a great spot to drop a Travel Medallion, as it might take them several tries to overcome the enemies that await within.

Defeat five Lynels to obtain Majora's Mask

The Floating Coliseum is essentially a trap, with a locked chest at its heart serving as the bait. Once players enter the area, the gate will lock, trapping Link within to face a brutal combat trial. He will have to overcome five Lynels (Red-Maned, Blue-Maned, White-Maned, Silver, and Armored Silver) of increasing power in rapid succession to make it out alive and claim his prize: Majora's Mask.

This challenge is not for players in the early game. In addition to grabbing extra heart containers, players should consider upgrading their armor and inventory slots, putting together lots of powerful weapons and shields, and stocking up on bomb flowers and fairies. Additionally, Sunny dishes made from Sundelions will make a huge difference, as the Lynels' attacks deal Gloom damage. Gloom-resistance items created using Dark Clumps prevent the Gloom damage altogether, further mitigating the sting of getting hit. Sundelions appear in higher quantities on the sky islands and players can purchase Dark Clumps from Bargainer Statues for 10 Poes each.