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Street Fighter 6 VR Mod Gives You A Front Row Seat For The Action

A mod has just been released which allows "Street Fighter 6" players to view the game in VR. They won't be boxing with Ryu or launching their own hadoukens in a first-person POV any time soon. The game still looks and plays more or less the same as it does on a normal display, but this new mod allows those with the necessary hardware to don their headsets and get an up-close look at the action as they will be able to view the game on a large virtual screen.

This is far from the first mod to take a flat, 2D game and adapt it to virtual hardware — one was recently created by LukeRoss for "Elden Ring." There are several applications like SteamVR's desktop theater mode that can be modified to allow players to enjoy their favorite non-VR games on a virtual display. It's nevertheless impressive that someone managed to create a VR mode and release it less than a week after the game's launch. It was created by popular modder Praydog, who has shared it for free on the filesharing platform GitHub, allowing any fans who download it to get a front-row seat to Capcom's latest installation in its infamous fighting game franchise. Those who are using the mod have already started sharing captured video footage, and it seems that fans are loving it.

Fans love seeing the battle up-close

The YouTube channel Flat2VR specializes in showcasing games that were designed for 2D displays being brought to virtual reality. They recently shared a video, allowing their fans to get a look at what Praydog's mod looks like. The combat arena fills the entire screen, and it appears that motion tracking allows the gamer to follow the action simply by turning their head.

Several fans jumped into the comments to praise the mod. "This works so well, the intros, outros, and environments are so much more alive (India is v cool), and the fights feel like they pack a more satisfying punch," wrote @superlearner9. One user even seemed to like this better than the idea of battling in first person. "This is how I always envisioned fighting games in VR," said @Ownko. "not from a FPP, but as a spectator on the sidelines, just like when watching boxing matches from the seats."

It seems that part of the reason Praydog was able to release this VR mod so quickly is that the modder has already created a framework that was designed to interface with games that use Capcom's RE Engine. In addition to "Street Fighter 6," Praydog's mods also allow players to experience several of the newer "Resident Evil" games, as well as "Devil May Cry 5" and "Monster Hunter Rise" in VR.