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Spider-Man 2 Director Confirms Release Date And Major Venom Change

Hype for "Marvel's Spider-Man 2" is reaching a fever pitch, as evidenced by the reaction of the crowd during tonight's Summer Game Fest Opening Night livestream. That excitement only grew as SGF host Geoff Keighley brought out game director Bryan Intihar to reveal the title's release date — as well as another big surprise involving the game's main villain.

First, the biggest news: "Marvel's Spider-Man 2" will finally be arriving for PlayStation 5 later this year, on October 20. But in another huge bombshell, Intihar and Keighley showed off an image of the two Spider-Men fighting against a hulking Venom in mid-air. Not only does this look like a thrilling excuse to try out the game's new character-swapping mechanics, but it also seems to disprove the theory that Peter Parker would become Venom in this game.

Adding to the intrigue, Intihar confirmed that the Venom we meet in this game is not Eddie Brock, marking a huge change from the comics and film canon. Intihar didn't reveal who the Symbiote's new host would be, but did say that he and the team at Insomniac were invested in telling an all-new story that would surprise fans of the source material. All we know for sure about the character at this point is that Tony Todd will be providing his signature growling voice for the supervillain.

The mystery of Venom's identity will remain until "Marvel's Spider-Man 2" launches on October 20, 2023.