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Zelda: Where To Locate Mighty Thistle In Tears Of The Kingdom

Cooking is an activity every player must partake in to make real progress in "The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom," as a good meal can heal Link when he's in a pinch. But that's not all. Some elixirs created during cooking give powerful special effects such as Cold Resistance, Grip Up, and Attack Up. However, when players go to cook Attack Up food, they will realize it is a hard meal to put together due to the ingredients being tricky to find.

For example, one of the best attack-up materials is the Mighty Thistle, a semi-rare plant that can be difficult to spot in the wilds of Hyrule. Another reason this plant is sought after is that it is one of the materials needed to upgrade the Attack Power-boosting Barbarian Armor. Players will need three Mighty Thistles to upgrade the Barbarian armor to its one-star tier.

Players can find Mighty Thistle in East Necluda and Faron Grasslands — but aimlessly running around will just waste time. Below is a detailed guide on where to find Mighty Thistles in Hyrule and instructions on what to do when they have all been scavenged.

Two great locations for collecting Mighty Thistle

The best place to find Mighty Thistles is northwest of Piper Ridge. At the top of the mountain is a small body of water with a stone structure in the center at coordinates (-3553, 0753, 0187). Surrounding the water, players can snag anywhere from one to twelve Mighty Thistles. There is also the rare Silent Princess flower nearby that players should grab if they haven't already. This is by far the best farming spot for Mighty Thistle, as the flower is condensed in a small area, so players do not have to run far to snag them all.

Another location where players can find Mighty Thistle is near Koto Pond, specifically on the ridge south of Meda Mountain at coordinates (2533, -2609, 0157). Players can snag around three Mighty Thistles here, making it a less effective spot to farm the plant. But it is still worth checking out after emptying the Piper Ridge honey pot.

Although the Mighty Thistles will be replenished after harvesting, it won't be instant. Players will need to wait for a Blood Moon. Afterward, materials and enemies, such as the incredibly useful Octoroks, will have respawned. A Blood Moon appears once every seven in-game days (168 minutes), so players must wait a fair chunk of time before they can stock up on Mighty Thistles again.