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Mr Beast's Newest Competition Was Too Intense For Contestants

MrBeast has become synonymous with extravagant YouTube stunts, but his latest endeavor might have been a bit too rough on some of the folks who participated. Though his channel began with much more relaxed videos, including video game playthroughs and one clip in which he counted to 100,000, he's definitely become more well-known as the kind of guy who gives away thousands of dollars to strangers and puts together wild challenges for volunteers. 

He'll even put himself through the ringer for the fans on occasion, as seen when he paid a professional bounty hunter to track him down in a series of wild set pieces. MrBeast has received criticism for some of these more intense stunts, like his expensive "Squid Game"-inspired video that seemed to largely miss the point of the original series. Those criticisms haven't done much to slow down his brand, however, considering he's become the most-subscribed YouTuber on the platform, dethroning PewDiePie in 2022.

But it seems as though MrBeast's newest video caused a bit more trouble than usual — and we're talking injuries. TMZ reports that the YouTube superstar's latest video is based around his own version of the Olympics. MrBeast has gathered contestants from all over the world to compete in a series of challenges that have yet to be revealed, presumably for a cash prize or charitable donation (knowing MrBeast, anyway). But at least one of these events did not go according to plan, resulting in a few of the contestants getting hurt during production. Here's what we know so far about the issues on the set of MrBeast's latest video.

MrBeast's reps respond to the injury reports

MrBeast's Olympics video is still mostly shrouded in secrecy, like many of his projects are before he's ready to unleash them on his subscribers. All that is known at this time, according to TMZ's sources, is that the video does indeed seek to replicate a number of sports typically seen at the Olympics. When the video finally releases, viewers should expect to see hurdles, footraces, and other tests of athletic prowess. It was during one or more of these events that a few of the contestants were hurt, though the extent of said injuries has not been revealed the press at this time.

TMZ reports that one of MrBeast's reps said, "MrBeast was working on an upcoming video with athletic challenges, and there were three minor medical issues out of almost 200 participants. Medical personnel attended to the people immediately and released them shortly after." The fact that these people were allowed to leave treatment so quickly would seem to imply that there were no broken bones, at the very least. It remains to be seen if the injured parties simply left the shoot, or if they were in fact allowed to continue competing. 

MrBeast's Olympics video has not been canceled

MrBeast has yet to comment on the injuries sustained during his most recent video shoot, but it sounds like things are proceeding as planned. Fans will most likely get to see the Olympics video in the near future, although we're guessing it could run after his highly anticipated team-up with PewDiePie is uploaded.

This would not be the first time that MrBeast has faced scrutiny for the dangers posed in his videos. Back in 2021, YouTuber Doctor Mike posted a video on his channel in which he commented on a series of MrBeast's stunts, including one in which he was buried alive and another in which the YouTuber spent a full 24 hours underwater. While Doctor Mike noted that MrBeast and his team clearly took things like proper hydration and protection into consideration while filming, he pointed out that many of these stunts still posed risks of bodily harm, some of which may not be immediately obvious. However, he also revealed that he and MrBeast were collaborating to raise money for Team Seas, a nonprofit dedicated to ocean preservation, so the good doc clearly had no real beef with MrBeast.

And luckily for the people competing in MrBeast's Olympics video, it sounds like the injuries sustained during this shoot will not result in any permanent damage. Fans of MrBeast will no doubt be curious to see if any of the painful footage ends up in the final video when it debuts. It will also be interesting to see if MrBeast himself got in on the action. The YouTuber has been sharing details of his fitness journey on social media, so there's always a chance that he's been training for just such an occasion.