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What's Happened To Dr Disrespect Since His Twitch Ban

When it comes to YouTube gaming personalities, there's one name that stands out from the rest, both in terms of infamy and fame. Dr Disrespect (a.k.a. Guy Beahm), has graced viewers' screens for years, but he's perhaps most well-known for one of the lowest points in his career. In 2020, Dr Disrespect was banned from his Twitch channel for undisclosed reasons. While fans have speculated about why the massive streaming platform unceremoniously kicked the Doc off its servers, there's still no clear answer.

However, what could have been the end of Dr Disrespect's streaming dreams turned out to only be the beginning. Since that ban, the Doc has continued to work in the streaming world, albeit on a different platform. He's also popped up in places where fans least expected him, including public events, video games, and even as the face of a new brand. Of course, Dr Disrespect has continued to get involved in his fair share of controversy, too. Here's how the streamer has kept busy since his 2020 Twitch ban.

He made a triumphant return to YouTube

After Twitch banned Dr Disrespect, gamers wondered where he might end up next — or if he'd leave streaming altogether. Months after the ban, fans got their answer, as the Doc began streaming solely on his YouTube channel. In his first stream back, Dr Disrespect discussed his Twitch ban a bit, but fans didn't get as many details as they'd hoped for.

The Two-Time Champion explained that he felt blindsided by Twitch's decision to release him from his contract and ban him entirely. Still, he chastised viewers who wanted him to spill the beans on the finer points of the situation, which was still unfolding at the time. He insisted that fans wouldn't hear any specifics while there real money was still at stake. Instead, he sought out legal counsel to examine the case and see if he had any recourse against Twitch.

The Doc might not have told fans everything, but the move to YouTube paid off. As of this writing, he has over 4 million subscribers, many of whom pay for the privilege of seeing Dr Disrespect at work.

He's experienced anxiety and depression

While things may seem peaceful for Dr Disrespect three years after his ban, the Two-Time had a rough go following his departure from Twitch. In the months following the ban, the Doc got candid with fans, explaining that he was struggling with feelings of anxiety and depression. The streamer said that the ban had caused a great amount of stress and induced feelings he'd never experienced before. Dr Disrespect suddenly found himself feeling waves of anxiety as he attempted to figure out what to do next.

At the time, some fans speculated that Dr Disrespect's ban might have been due to something more serious, whether it be legal complaints against Twitch, the Doc, or both. While exact details of a legal case never surfaced, the mental toll over suddenly being banned from Twitch left Dr Disrespect with lingering doubt about the future of his career. Thankfully for fans and the Doc himself, things took off on YouTube, giving the Two-Time a new place to set up the Champions' Club.

He started making a video game and co-founded a studio

After announcing in 2015 that he'd no longer be working with Sledgehammer Games, Beahm seemed to be leaving his former game design career forever, in favor of a role in front of the camera. However, he has since revealed his secret game studio, Midnight Society, and its first game, "Deadrop." However, Doc's new venture had a rocky start.

Though fans felt hyped at the promise of a game studio headed by their favorite streamer, some aspects of the title caused an uproar immediately. Fans who chose to financially back the game early would become Founders. As part of Midnight Society's vision, these fans have the privilege of seeing "Deadrop" at various stages in its development, providing feedback and helping the game take form. Founders have even been given their own unique avatars. The catch? They were procedurally generated NFTs.

NFTs concern some gamers for a variety of reasons, including their impact on the environment, and the Doc's project was not immune to these concerns. Dr Disrespect has taken this in stride, though, and has voiced his opinion that NFTs are here to stay in the gaming world. The Doc speculated that valuable NFTs in-game might eventually help players to have a more engaging experience. After all, trying to sneak away with an item worth real-world money could only heighten the suspense of an in-game extraction.

It's unclear what "Deadrop" will look like just yet, though Project Midnight has released several "snapshot" builds as development has progressed. Whether fans enjoyed those peeks behind the scenes is another matter entirely, as some remain skeptical.

He kept getting banned

After such a newsworthy and mysterious ban from Twitch, one might think the Doc would be done testing the limits of streaming platforms. As it turns out, the streamer seemingly invites controversy wherever he goes. In 2021, Dr Disrespect found himself banned from a "Call of Duty" tournament in Toronto. The Doc's partner, Zlaner, told fans that organizers had not provided a reason for why they banned Dr Disrespect from the tournament. Zlaner and fans speculated that Twitch rules disallowing banned streamers on other streams might have something to do with the precaution, but no one ever explained the specific reasoning.

Over a year later, the Doc got banned from "Warzone 2.0" for one week. While the Doc never specified a reason for the ban, he hinted that it could have been due to his abuse of proximity chat in the game. The Two-Time often used explicit language over chat, which violated the game's rules and (maybe even more importantly) annoyed other players. Fans largely saw the ban as an example of how automatic bans can do more harm than good. Ultimately, Dr Disrespect logged back on after seven days and moved on with his life.

He made a few public appearances at sporting events

The Doc loves competition, both in the gaming sphere and in the sports arena. Since his Twitch ban, he's continued to make public appearances at sporting events, both in and out of character. Fans took notice when Dr Disrespect popped up at an NBA game in 2021, attempting to help a fallen player on the court and getting rejected in the process. In early 2023, the Doc made an even more surprising public appearance at a 49ers game. This time, he wasn't just there to watch the game, though. Instead, Dr Disrespect served as the 49ers' hype man, delivering a pep talk and blowing a horn to get the crowd riled up.

Dr Disrespect is a legitimate fan of the 49ers in general, and has used his internet fame to show his support for the team. He even announced an NFL draft pick for the 49ers in 2022. There's no telling what sports event he'll show up at next, but fans will keep scanning the courtside seats in future broadcasts.

He resolved his case with Twitch

Many fans have assumed that Dr Disrespect chose not to reveal details of his 2020 Twitch ban because of an ongoing case against the streaming platform. Fans received an update from the streamer in 2022, but it wasn't what they expected. Instead of announcing a formal legal case or providing insight into why he was banned in the first place, the Doc shared that he'd taken care of his legal dispute with Twitch.

Dr Disrespect shared a signed card noting that neither Twitch nor himself claimed fault in the incident, but explained that he wouldn't be returning to Twitch. Fans felt confused about the news, and fellow streamers — like NickMercs and TimtheTatman — wondered if the news meant that the Doc would be allowed to join in on other gamers' Twitch streams. Despite allegedly resolving the dispute, Dr Disrespect still doesn't stream on Twitch, using his channel or any other.

He launched a bourbon brand

It might not be totally accurate to call the Doc an influencer, but he's had his share of brand deals and started several businesses in his own right. In 2022, Dr Disrespect released his own bourbon brand, Black Steel, but its debut didn't go quite as planned. Without warning, the brand appeared on Twitter, making its existence known through an ad from the Doc himself. Fans immediately began attempting to order bottles of the new liquor. However, many would-be purchasers said they had issues with the site's ordering portal, not to mention pulling up the site in general.

The brand's official page eventually tweeted that it had officially sold out just hours after it launched. Part of the brand's marketing emphasized limited runs and small batch craftsmanship, so it's no surprise only a small number of bottles were sold. A second batch eventually materialized months later. Fans who missed both drops can sign up for a waitlist on Black Steel's website.

He furthered his music career

Dr Disrespect dabbles in several different mediums. In addition to being a game designer and bourbon connoisseur, he also creates music. Dr Disrespect has curated a specific vibe for his streaming channels, embracing a semi-futuristic vaporwave aesthetic. His intros and intermission images often show the Doc in a neon-washed city with smooth, reverb-filled beats playing in the background. Shortly after his Twitch ban, the Doc released "Alleyways," a collaboration with J+1 that combined nostalgic 80s synth with catchy beats.

"Alleyways" hinted at the Doc's feelings about his feud with Twitch, with lyrics arguing that even though the situation is "out of [his] hands," he still has a voice to speak to fans. Tracks like "Alleyways" and the later "Gamerobics" have shown that Dr Disrespect has the chops to create genuine earworms, and they've left fans wanting more. The Two-Time hinted that he might be taking his music career to the next level by recording a full album, but it has yet to materialize. However, Dr Disrespect did release a new single, "Another Way," in 2023.

He had a cameo in a video game

In Fall 2022, the Doc married his love of sports and gaming by becoming an official character in "NBA 2K23." A full horde of Disrespect-themed cosmetics became available in the game, and players luckily didn't have to shell out any cash to get them. Aspiring Champions simply had to level up in Career Mode to slowly unlock the Two-Time's outfit.

Gamers could acquire Dr Disrespect's wraparound sunglasses, mullet wig, headphones, and red tactical vest. While gamers were on their own for the rest of the ensemble, getting the outfit made it fairly easy for players to create Dr Disrespect in the game via the customizable character creator. In addition to playing as Dr Disrespect, gamers could challenge him in a competitive game of HORSE in a special Mountain Dew-themed mission.

The Doc felt so moved by his appearance in the game that he nearly teared up on stream. Shaking his head, he smiled and said, "Shout out 2K, shout out Mountain Dew," taking a moment to fully enjoy seeing his in-game persona. "How sick is this?" he asked. "What a trip." Before getting too emotional, the Doc quipped that he was simply admiring how good-looking he was.

He released a book

"Violence. Speed. Momentum.," Dr Disrespect's memoir written from the perspective of his online persona, released in 2021 to an outpouring of love from fans. However, the book never quite reached the top of the bestseller list, leading Dr Disrespect to accuse the New York Times of treating him unfairly. He insisted that another book that appeared on the prestigious list sold 5K copies, while his book sold many more.

It's still unclear if Dr Disrespect's Twitter rant was meant to be in-character or a genuine accusation at the publication. Either way, the New York Times didn't respond to the thread, and "Violence. Speed. Momentum." saw plenty of success elsewhere. In the end, the Doc released a full length book, and that's more than most other streamers can boast. 

Unfortunately for the Two-Time, not everyone enjoyed his memoir. Esports News UK released a scathing review of the book, writing that it was "difficult – and at times painful – to read." The review specifically notes that "Violence. Speed. Momentum." doesn't cover the events that fans really want to know about, like his Twitch ban. Instead, it goes over completely fabricated events that are meant to be humorous. Some readers were left wondering about Guy Beahm's actual life and journey to become Dr Disrespect, but others were just happy the Doc took them along for a hilarious ride.

Toyed with moving to Kick for $50 million

In the neverending streaming wars, Dr Disrespect has remained fairly consistent. Starting at Twitch and then migrating to YouTube after his ban, the Doc hasn't wildly experimented with where he chooses to appear. In 2022, however, a new challenger emerged in the streaming space: Kick

Many streamers feel drawn to Kick because its terms of service allegedly favors creators over business. Looser guidelines, with the ability to stream gambling games and other material disallowed by Twitch, drew many to the platform. Others have been intrigued by the system's more equitable profit sharing model, which gives creators a more generous profit split than Twitch. For the Doc, these factors may have made a move to Kick seem like a no brainer, but the Two-Time hasn't been convinced to make a change just yet.

In a June 2023 stream, Dr Disrespect addressed rumors that he may be moving his streaming to Kick, saying, "I just don't know how much money they have," insisting he deserves a $50 million contract. Jokes aside, he clarified that he has several other businesses, like Black Steel Bourbon and Midnight Society, to balance in his schedule, which would make full-time streaming on Kick difficult.

He celebrated 15 years of marriage

Fans are always looking for more information about Mrs. Assassin, the Doc's supportive wife who mostly stays behind the scenes. The pair's relationship has been anything but easy, as they've experienced many heartbreaks on- and off-camera. Each time the couple encounters an issue, they seem to take a step away from streaming to rekindle their bond and take care of themselves as a team.

In June 2023, the Doc and Mrs. Assassin celebrated their 15th wedding anniversary. Dr Disrespect enthusiastically tweeted that he'd be taking the weekend off from streaming in order to celebrate the occasion with his wife.

Unfortunately, some Twitter users took the opportunity to remind the world of the Doc's past infidelities. However, it seems the streamer held true to his word and really did turn off his flip phone for the weekend. He ignored the negativity and didn't tweet again until the next week.

He's found YouTube to be unsupportive

Top streamers on various platforms often get special attention, fostering closer connections to top-level employees and receiving prompt help for particular ban reviews. However, Dr Disrespect claims that YouTube doesn't offer that sort of support, and instead behaves as if its highest earners are regular folks. After moving to YouTube in 2020 and continuing to stream there ever since, YouTube has not offered Dr Disrespect an exclusive contract, technically leaving him a free agent in the streaming space.

The Doc aired his grievances on Twitter, stepping out of his persona and tweeting from his personal account.

Dr Disrespect expressed shock that YouTube hadn't attempted to lock in one of its most profitable streamers. It's unclear if the Doc will eventually get fed up with YouTube and move platforms, but it's clear he's got some real issues with his current streaming home. Who knows, maybe Dr Disrespect will eventually take a break from streaming altogether to focus on his other projects.