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Pokémon Creators Are Being Mysteriously Banned Left And Right

"Pokémon" fans are always trying to catch 'em all, but it can be particularly difficult to enjoy it when your social media presence is caught up in some mysterious deadlock. Over the last few days, a number of prominent "Pokemon" content creators have suddenly been banned from Instagram. Some have been able to repeal the ban and get their accounts reinstated, but others apparently have to start all over again and rebuild their follower count from scratch. 

The issue was brought to the fan community's attention by PokeRev, who has gained over two million subscribers with his high-energy "Pokémon" card opening videos. On July 26, the creator posted a video to his YouTube channel addressing the sudden rash of banned accounts. "Something big is happening right now," said PokeRev, "and nobody knows exactly why, how, or who, but a lot of accounts — and I mean a lot of accounts — are getting suspended, and in a lot of cases, permanently banned on Instagram. And they're all related to 'Pokémon' cards in one way or another."

PokeRev explained that he received an email from Instagram saying his account had been suspended for allegedly violating the site's guidelines. The email did not explain what he had done wrong, and though he was able to get the suspension lifted, others weren't so lucky. Fellow YouTubers PokeDean and PokiChloe have had their accounts disabled and then subsequently deleted. But why?

PokéRev and the Pokémon fan community have their theories

PokeRev admits in his video that he's not entirely sure why Instagram suddenly underwent a purge of Poké-related accounts. He has floated out a theory that Nintendo is cracking down on anybody making money off of "Pokémon" content, but there's no proof at this time. Instagram support has thus far been unable to explain why these accounts have been banned, but there are a number of theories.

Lately, Instagram have been banning accounts with the name "Pokémon" or even "Poke." As you can see, my Instagram name is incredibly rare and very sought after by many. Instagram ended up banning this account, but I appealed it and actually got it back very fast. I wonder why? Any ideas?
u/Ockanacken in

One idea, which has gained a bit of traction over on Reddit, is that Nintendo and Game Freak may take specific issue with accounts using the word "Pokémon," or some other derivative form, in their username. There's certainly some precedent for this, as Nintendo has famously sued other creators for marketing their own brand and products using Pokémon-adjacent titles and designs.

According to PokeRev, some creators are already changing their Instagram usernames to avoid getting banned. However, the YouTuber was quick to warn that changing your handle could open up your brand to impersonators popping up with your original username. Until Instagram or Nintendo release an explanation for the sudden surge of suspensions, Pokémon creators are no doubt going to tread extra carefully.