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PewDiePie And Marzia Officially Introduce Their Baby To Viewers

Last month, Felix "PewDiePie" Kjellberg and his wife Marzia welcomed their son to the world. Fans were overjoyed to see the happy couple with a healthy baby boy, and to learn his name for the first time: Björn. Prior to the big day, PewDiePie explained to fans that he would be taking an extended break from uploading new YouTube videos, giving him some time to adjust to his new role of being a dad. Because of this, fans have not been privy to anything that occurred between this last video and Björn's arrival. Now, PewDiePie has given his subscribers a look at the time leading up to the birth, as well as a proper introduction to the baby.

In a video appropriate titled "I'm a dad now," viewers got to see the big day from the very start. PewDiePie can be seen dropping Marzia off at the hospital for an overnight stay, as the couple was pretty sure the baby would be born the next day. PewDiePie expresses a bit of nervousness at this part of the process, telling viewers, "I feel bad I'm leaving her alone, but I will be there, hopefully, when Björn is born ... It's such a strange day, because obviously we've had nine, ten months now leading up to it, but ... it's gonna be a baby. I have no experience to relate that to; it's all so new."

Viewers also get to see Marzia chilling in the hospital with a laptop and a big smile under her mask, showing just how ready she was for the big moment. As revealed later in the video, Marzia ended up being in labor for a while longer than the couple had anticipated.

Björn is finally born!

PewDiePie revealed that Björn was in a bit of an awkward position, which prolonged Marzia's labor and made things a bit more difficult. Marzia also experienced a "scare," which PewDiePie did not elaborate on. After hours of waiting, Björn eventually moved into the right position and PewDiePie was asked to come to the hospital for the birth.

After being there to celebrate the birth — and naturally, taking some video of Marzia getting to hold Bjorn for the first time — PewDiePie had to leave the hospital to allow Marzia to rest up. He explained that she had a fever and had lost a good bit of blood, but she was otherwise so relieved to welcome Björn.

He was able to visit Marzia and Björn in the hospital the next day, however. Fans in the comments of the video have remarked on how at-home PewDiePie already seems to be while holding his newborn son, and are pretty sure he's going to make a great dad. For his own part, PewDiePie remains a bit stunned by the whole experience, like it's all still sinking in for him. Well, that and he's so impressed by his wife's strength.

"Marzia did amazing. Seriously, she was such a, such a champion," Pewds says in the new video. "It was so nice when I came in and got to see her, and we were both so happy. And then, she had already been pushing a little bit. I came in for the last bit, and then he was born."

PewDiePie talks about Björn's first days at home

PewDiePie is already starting to get the full parent experience, explaining that he got to change Björn's diaper and hold him a good bit on the first day. He also joked that he already felt tired, even though he knows Marzia's done so much more work at this point. Regardless of his lack of energy, PewDiePie seems more than ready to settle into a routine with his wife and child.

The YouTuber also touches on Björn's name in the video, saying that he's always loved it. "It means 'bear' in Swedish," PewDiePie explains. "And I remember as a kid, I was like, 'You can be named that? That's so cool.'"

Once Björn finally made it home, PewDiePie explains, things got a little bit more chaotic, but it doesn't seem like anything the happy couple can't handle. PewDiePie laughs and says, "He sleeps a lot. He seems happy as long as he gets milk." PewDiePie ends the video by quipping that although he'd love to get more sleep, he's extremely happy for all of the support he and Marzia have received. It's unclear when fans will get their next vlog update from Pewds, but at least this one proves he and the family are in a great place.