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Embarrassing PS4 Trophies You'd Never Admit To Friends

Collecting PS4 trophies is a badge of honor for most gamers. What better way to show your gaming prowess than through actual documented achievements? While most are doggedly pursuing platinum trophies in every game they own, there are a handful of achievements that you'd rather not tell your friends you obtained. In fact, there are times you may wish you could hide an achievement on your profile, just so that no one else knows what you had to do in your pursuit of a full list of trophies.

These trophies cover a wide range of topics. There are those that require you to explore some grey or downright black moral areas. Then we have the trophies that can only be obtained by spending an incredibly excessive amount of time playing one game. And, of course, there are the trophies that are very obviously making fun of you for doing something stupid. No matter which of these trophies you've received, odds are your cheeks have turned red as you read the description. Here are just a few of the embarrassing trophies you'd never admit to your friends.

In Hotline Miami, you can use someone as a human shield … like a true hero

The 2014 release of top-down shooter Hotline Miami on PS4 brought a slew of trophies for achievement hunters. Playing as Jacket, the assassin with a penchant for wearing animal masks, players must listen to cryptic messages on their answering machine, which will give them vague instructions on who they'll be killing that day. It's a bit like if Hitman was set in the '80s and Agent 47 decided he really liked masks and hated Russia.

In Hotline Miami, it's possible to earn many different trophies for completing the regular tasks of the game. But there is also a trophy which requires players to be a bit less moral than usual. In order to obtain the Nigel Lowrie trophy, players must take a knocked-down enemy and use them as a human shield. Apparently taking the high ground isn't something Jacket is prone to do. Some players, meanwhile, may feel inclined to hide the trophy from their friends. After all, using someone as a human shield doesn't exactly scream "brave." If you do decide to go after this particular trophy, just make sure your friends know that you won't use them as a human shield if the time comes. Unless of course, you will.

Nothing makes you feel better than getting called out for an embarrassing death

Trying to survive in a post-apocalyptic wasteland isn't an easy task. Between the radiation and the vault dwellers getting in your way, things can go downhill pretty fast. There's also the small problem of running into enemies who've been mutated in a big way, making them much more powerful than you. In these cases, it's obvious that you should just let your sense of self-preservation kick in, take your avatar, and run away. After all, there's no shame in living to scavenge another day.

But if players want to receive every trophy that Fallout 4 has to offer, then they'll have to ignore the sound advice of sane people, and put themselves in harm's way. The requirements for getting the "Touchdown" achievement in Fallout 4 are relatively simple, if humiliating. Near the Medford Memorial Hospital, players can find an NPC known as a "super mutant suicider." This very large NPC will be holding a mini-nuke under his arm like a football. Rather than killing him, you must let him kill you. Not only will he kill you, though, he'll usually run at you like a football player ready to tackle his unsuspecting prey, before lobbing a Fat Man at you, effectively killing you instantly. For all your trouble, Fallout 4 makes fun of your embarrassing death by granting you the achievement Touchdown. If anyone asks, just say you got this one on purpose.

Your insane playtime in The Sims 4 can get you a trophy

Almost no gamer can say they've never had a gaming binge. Video games, by their very nature, are addicting. They give us obtainable goals and mentally stimulating problems to solve; plus, there's always the old standby argument of boosting your hand-eye coordination. But one game seems to hold the record as the most addicting of the bunch. The Sims has been captivating gamers since its inception. And with new content being constantly created, there's no shortage of things to do in these life simulator games.

In The Sims 4, players can be rewarded for all the hours they've logged with one family. Although, at the same time, earning the trophy Alphabet Legacy also shows your friends list just how much time you've spent playing The Sims 4. Especially when you consider that obtaining this achievement takes a lot of time. And we mean a lot. In order to get the Alphabet Legacy achievement in The Sims 4, players must play one household for 26 generations or more. Completing the requirements for this trophy would require not only significant amounts of time, but also patience as you direct your Sims to expand their families and complete their life cycles. While this trophy may show your friends what a dedicated gamer you are, it might also make them more than a little concerned about the hours logged to get it.

Assassin's Creed: Syndicate asks a very understandable question

The Assassin's Creed franchise hasn't ever shied away from death. After all, the title literally has the word "assassin" in it. And while players who enjoy these games are obviously excited to get their hands a bit dirty with killing off NPCs, some people might take it a step too far.

In Assassin's Creed: Syndicate, players can obtain a trophy for going a bit off script and turning their killing spree into a massacre. A horse massacre to be specific. In order to obtain the aptly titled What is wrong with you? trophy, players must flip five horse-drawn carriages. This seems simple enough, until you realize that in order to do this, you'll need to shoot the horses that pull those carriages. Killing off NPCs who you could justifiably say "deserved it" is one thing, but when you bring an innocent horse into the mix, you may not want your friends to know that you went around attacking these fuzzy innocent bystanders. For some reason, killing the horses seems so much worse than killing the human NPCs that you're after. Of course, the fact that this trophy is optional doesn't exactly help your case as a humanitarian should you decide to complete it. Shame on you.

Get a trophy for watching your pet do his business

After many delays, 2016 saw the release of the much-anticipated action-adventure game The Last Guardian. Praised for its stunning art style and intriguing narrative, this game was the darling of E3. Playing alongside your trusty companion Trico, players get to explore breathtaking areas and solve puzzles. The game itself has received numerous accolades for its story, but it's made this list for a very different reason.

The Last Guardian is a relatively serious game. Or, at the very least, it's not a game where you'd expect to see potty humor. But the trophy titled The Call of Nature gives us just that. As one can probably guess based on the name of the trophy, players must watch Trico do his "business" in order to earn this particular trophy. Luckily, it's not quite as horrific as it sounds, as players can be relatively far away from Trico while still getting the trophy. The verdict is still out on whether this very out-of-character trophy is a breath of fresh air in the otherwise stoic game, or if watching your beloved companion do his business is slightly traumatizing for the unnamed boy.

Killing innocent baby chicks is your new specialty

In August of 2017, life simulator Slime Rancher was released. The game started off innocently enough, with happy bouncing pink slimeballs being ranched, fed, and bred while players collected their plorts for profit. Even when things began to get a bit dark with the appearance of The Tarr, the game itself was still an adorable and addicting experience. There are many different ways for your ranch to thrive, and no matter which route you take, you're sure to grow to love your happy pink slimeballs. Even when they're causing you grief.

Of course, with all of the ways to play this game, there is always the option of taking things to a darker place. Never mind the pink slimes that appear to be bleeding from the mouth if you don't feed them enough; if you decide to get the You ... Monster! achievement, you may find that the biggest horror in Slime Rancher is actually you. In order to obtain this heartless achievement, players must suck up a baby chick in their VacPack and launch it at an incinerator, killing the little ball of fuzz. The trophy's title says it all as the game silently judges you for your unfeeling execution of an adorable baby chick. You may want to keep this trophy off of your list, just in case your friends find it and learn of your true dark side.

Sometimes to get a trophy, you have to be a jerk

The 2016 indie game Oxenfree from little-known developer Night School Studios proved that amazing games can be created without the big budget of a major studio. The graphic adventure game is a side-scroller with incredible art, and playing through the game more than once will give you an unsettling feeling of deja vu that doesn't quite sit well.

In Oxenfree, you play as Alex, a senior in high school who is going to Edward's Island with her friends for the traditional end-of-school party. The story is driven by dialogue options, and each option the player selects drastically alters Alex's relationship with each NPC. Even small dialogue choices may have a large impact on the ending you receive at the conclusion of your terrifying night on Edward's Island. While Oxenfree requires many playthroughs to obtain all of the trophies (as many of the trophies are based on which ending you get), one of the most cringe-worthy trophies is titled I Am the Firestarter. To get this, players must be a complete jerk to every single person in the game. Your new stepbrother is confiding in you about the death of his mother? Too bad. You need to belittle him and ice him out.

If you want your real-life friends to think you're a semi-decent human being, you may want to hide this trophy from them, especially if you actually enjoyed getting it.

Nobody said working on Talos I would be easy

Morgan Yu (whether male or female) never really thought their job on the Talos I space station would be easy, per se, but they probably didn't anticipate the possibility of dying on their first day on the job due to a highly avoidable situation. The Arkane Studios 2017 FPS game Prey doesn't pretend to be a simple game. Even for skilled gamers, the in-depth story and not-so-subtle horror can be overwhelming. 

But even with something as serious and foreboding as Prey, game developers aren't afraid to make fun of a player for getting themselves killed only minutes into the game. Especially when it seems like you'd have to really be trying to get yourself killed. Starting off in Morgan Yu's apartment, players are briefly given instructions to go to the roof of their building and board a helicopter that will take them to Talos I. This portion of the game isn't supposed to be difficult. You literally just have to walk to a helicopter. But that doesn't stop some players from finding ways to get themselves killed. If a player jumps onto the nose of the helicopter and leaps into the helicopter's blades, not only will they die an embarrassing death, but they'll get a trophy for their trouble titled No Show. There may be worse ways to get out of your first day of work, but probably not many that are quite as painful as this.

Just another day committing cow genocide

2015's action-role-playing game The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt gave gamers the opportunity to explore the sprawling open world as Geralt of Rivia. As with many other entries on this list, The Witcher 3 is generally considered a game that takes itself seriously. While there are funny moments, it tends to lean more towards the stoic plot-driven narrative the fanbase has come to expect from the franchise.

But for every rule, there is an exception. For those hoping to obtain all the trophies The Witcher 3 has to offer, you'll need to be okay with a little genocide of the bovine persuasion. Just as with the carriage flipping trophy in Assassin's Creed: Syndicate, the trophy titled Moo-rderer asks players to mercilessly kill a certain number of animal NPCs to further your path to trophy completion. But rather than requesting a mere five casualties like Assassin's Creed does, The Witcher 3 expects you to kill a whopping 20 cows.

In order to carry out this reckoning, players should head over to Martin Fueille's Farmstead near Novigrad, because its large cow population makes things easier. Once in the area, players can find ten cows to kill right off the bat. From there you just need to meditate until the cows respawn and carry out your bloody business again in order to get your trophy. But don't expect the cows to ever look at you the same way again.

Feel like you'd be a terrible leader? There's a trophy for that

Colossal Order's 2015 city-building game Cities: Skylines gave gamers everywhere a serious nostalgia trip back to the early days SimCity. Building and running an entire city was an exciting task all over again. And while the concept seems simple enough, when people actually began to realize the intricacies of just what you can do in Cities: Skylines, it became clear that this wasn't a game for casual gamers who don't enjoy reading the instructions. The game contains nuanced themes of balance, diplomacy, and social order, and with all of that on the docket, a lot can go wrong.

In Cities: Skylines, gamers play as the mayor of the city, and every move you make is thoroughly scrutinized by your citizens. The developers created their own version of Twitter that allows residents of the city to lodge their complaints, give praise, and make their grievances known. Even the best of mayors can often find themselves on the receiving end of some serious hate on the game's fake Twitter. But even worse than seeing your citizens tearing your mayoral decisions apart is getting a trophy for being an all-around terrible mayor. If a player manages to reach a mere 15% overall happiness from their citizens, they'll be rewarded with the Unpopular Mayor trophy. Apparently a few flash floods and a high crime rate is enough to make your citizens resent your reign of terror. Who knew?

Apparently it's possible to run a farm into the ground in only 24 hours

Not everyone is cut out to be a farmer. The manual labor, agricultural knowledge, and comfort with heavy machinery is a unique blend of talents. That's why, for those of us who aren't particularly gifted in these areas, it's nice to be able to experience the farming life without real consequences. In Farming Simulator 15 you can play the game with the more serious approach of attempting to see your farm succeed, or you can use the opportunity to draw giant Pikachu portraits in the wheat using your harvester.

Whichever route you decide to take in your farming adventure, be prepared for some trials. With all of the various aspects that go into keeping your farm afloat, you may lose sight of some of the more vital aspects of success. It's easy to look at everything you'll need and get a bit trigger-happy with the purchases. But if you manage to achieve a negative balance in your bank account on your very first day as a farmer, two things are certain: maybe you should freeze your credit cards in blocks of ice from now on, and you're going to be immortalized as the gamer who received the Financial Follies trophy for being wildly negligent with your farming funds. Though the trophy has a satisfying alliteration, it doesn't cover the fact that you managed to run an entire farm into financial ruin in only 24 hours. Well done.