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Hackers Reveal Big Changes Coming To Helldivers 2 In 2024

"Helldivers 2" has pushed through launch issues and taken off in a big way. While some fans are just enjoying the game's constantly evolving galactic war, others are doing everything they can to figure out what the future might hold. Thanks in large part to cheats and hacks, dataminers have unearthed some surprising details about "Helldivers 2" features that we can probably expect to see in the coming months. 

It's worth taking some of these leaks with a grain of salt, of course, but we do have some reason to believe that what the dataminers are uncovering is legitimate. Just as February was coming to a close, leaked footage showed off mechs in the game. Not long after, the EXO-45 Patriot Exosuits were officially unveiled on the official social media channels for "Helldivers 2."

The mechs aren't all that surprising in and of themselves, as the original "Helldivers" had them. However, they do prove that dataminers might be uncovering real upcoming features in the game. With that in mind, hackers claim to have uncovered a couple of other things in "Helldivers 2" that we're getting really excited about.

Helldivers 2's future is all about variety

Mechs may just be the tip of the iceberg for "Helldivers 2." Arrowhead Game Studios has a lengthy roadmap in mind for the game's continuing evolution, but not everyone is content to wait and see what features the developer announces. After successfully uncovering mechs in the game, dataminers have become even more committed to digging into the game's files.

Some fans have been sharing clips showing off new weapons and functioning vehicles in "Helldivers 2." Hopping on a turret while your buddy drives through the battlefield would definitely spice up the game's already well-seasoned combat. Meanwhile, weapons and gadgets include everything from more powerful shotguns to portable teleportation packs, as well as new weapon customizations, so it's possible Arrowhead is really going to encourage some new combat strategies in the game. 

These clips keep getting removed by copyright holders. However, some fans believe the leaked weapons and vehicles could all be a part of a secret plan from the Game Master controlling "Helldivers 2," purposefully creating excitement and speculation among the community to keep players on their toes. Either way, "Helldivers 2" fans couldn't be more thrilled to know that "Fortnite" isn't the only game seeing big changes this year.

Players may join the propaganda machine

Fans of the original "Helldivers" will be excited to learn that dataminers have also uncovered a number of references to a third faction that may be joining the game in the near future: the Illuminate. For those who didn't play the first game – or perhaps forgot in the last several years – the Illuminate are a gnarly-looking alien species that rose from the depths of the sea and conquered space travel in order to serve as major antagonists the last time around. Though the game's lore says that the Illuminate were wiped out entirely, these reports could be a classic case of in-universe propaganda, setting the stage for a surprising counter-attack from the former bad guys.

Speaking of propaganda, another leaked file indicates that players will be able to operate a shoulder-mounted camera in a future update. This has led some fans to speculate that a future mission will see players hitting the ground to make a propaganda movie to encourage the people of Super Earth to support the war effort. Others are hoping the camera will pave the way for an instant replay feature, allowing players to immediately celebrate some of their hard-earned kills.

None of these elements have been 100% confirmed by Arrowhead Game Studios just yet, and it's worth noting that some of the uncovered data might be from an earlier version of the game's roadmap. Back in February, Arrowhead CEO Johan Pilestedt revealed on X, "Our old roadmap is very out of date in comparison to what we now want to do," with an indication that the scope of the team's plans had widened. Hopefully that means all of these mechanics will eventually make it into the game, even if they take on slightly different forms.