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Palworld Features We Desperately Need

"Palworld" is a perfect example of a game that has continuously surprised players, both in terms of popularity and its level of creativity. Pocketpair took survival, open world, and monster-battling elements that we've seen before and combined them in just the right proportions to create a singular experience that really is worth digging into. "Palworld" is more than the "Pokémon" clone that people saw it as when it first launched, but fans would still love to see the game expand and grow into something even better.

With that in mind, there are a handful of features that we hope Pocketpair is considering bringing to "Palworld." The developer clearly has plans to support its game for a long time to come, and we're open to sitting back and enjoying whatever Pocketpair is dreaming up. Still, like so many of the game's fans, we've also made our own wishlist of things that we hope get added to the experience sooner than later.

Make players consider the Palpagos Island forecast

"Palworld" already has a setting that feels fairly fleshed-out and lived in. You might have to go digging through discarded diaries to find all the lore of the Palpagos Islands, but if you're someone who truly likes to sink into the world of a game, you've got options aplenty here — you can build bases, tame the world's strongest beasts, and challenge the various human factions that call the islands home. One of the biggest appeals of a survival game like this is the ability to get completely immersed in the experience, and even though "Palworld" is off to a strong start, there are definitely things the game could change to make it even more immersive.

There are more than a few fans out there hoping that Pocketpair gets around to adding weather effects to the game. In many open world games, simple weather patterns are an easy way to make the setting feel more vibrant and real. Adding weather could be especially effective in "Palworld," because it could also impact overall gameplay. Imagine using your fire element Pals to help you survive a particular strong blizzard or needing to shore up the walls of your base before a tornado sweeps through your valley. The possibilities are really endless.

Take the Pals to school

"Palworld" already has an impressive amount of Pals for players to interact with, but it'd be great to see those Pals come to life in entirely new ways. Let's be honest, the game's AI and pathfinding is slightly on the simplistic side right now. While the team at Pocketpair needs to focus on improving and adding core gameplay elements in the short-term, but improving the AI in "Palworld" would dramatically enhance an already-great experience.

If the Pals were smarter and more strategic in their movements, combat would become more challenging, while capturing a particularly elusive Pal would feel even more rewarding. Beyond the gameplay, more advanced Pal AI would also make the game feel so much more immersive. Nothing pulls you out of the experience like seeing a Pal get stuck on some odd bit of terrain or run directly into your gunfire. Aside from the occasional glitch, there's nothing terribly wrong with the game's AI right now, but the better it gets, the more players will be able to really feel like they're a part of the struggle on the islands.

Let Palworld players go head-to-head

When talking about pure gameplay features that we'd loved to see added to "Palworld," it seems nothing is higher on the player wishlist than true PvP. That abbreviation is doing some heavy lifting here, because in "Palworld," it can mean multiple things at once. We'd obviously love to see Pocketpair add a way for players to fight each other, but we'd also love to see some kind of dedicated arena for the Pals themselves.

It's easy to imagine a version of PvP in "Palworld" that manages to coexist with the survival system. We don't necessarily want players to be able to attack each other anywhere at anytime. Some gamers have spent way too much time improving their bases to risk griefers coming in and making all that effort worthless. It might be better to have some kind of separate tournament system where players could sign up for battles whenever they felt like it. Maybe there could even be an option that incorporates PvE and PvP into an all-out war across a secluded part of the island. 

Pocketpair has already said that "Palworld" is just getting started, and various forms of PvP are part of the game's roadmap. At this point we really just have to be patient and many of these wishes will be granted.

Bring back capturing tower bosses

About a month after the game released, "Palworld" devs issued an apology for fixing one of the game's biggest glitches. Triggering the glitch required quite a bit of setup, but essentially, players found a way to capture tower bosses – some of the biggest threats in the entire game – and use them like any other Pal. As you might imagine, players had some serious fun with this, deploying bosses in battle and such, but it also caused some serious issues for the game. The combat in "Palworld" wasn't at all balanced around players having access to these bosses — but that's something we'd love to see in the future.

Considering the fact that Pocketpair apologized for the fix afterwards, Pocketpair definitely knows that this glitch is something many fans have enjoyed, with some saying they'd like to see added into the game as an official feature. Hopefully it's only a matter of time until the developer finds some way to make capturing tower bosses a viable part of the game. It's likely that captured bosses might be nerfed in some way to prevent the game from becoming completely unbalanced, but using bosses in battle just feels too cool for Pocketpair to abandon entirely.