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Theory: Helldivers 2 Is Tricking You Into Making Things Worse

We all know that there is nothing more honorable than fighting on behalf of Super Earth. Every "Helldivers 2" fan has committed to the planet and its ideals of Liberty and Democracy, flying through the galaxy in search of planets to liberate and warring against every vile Terminid and Automaton along the way. However, as the war has progressed, there have been some signs that Super Earth's master plan may actually be a detriment to its own people. 

We know that Arrowhead Games CEO Johan Pilestedt lied to players' faces about the existence of flying bugs and blue laser beams, and since players caught the director red-handed, it's seemed like Super Earth has taken a few steps backward in the war. What's even more troubling is that the flying bugs emerged in force after Helldivers were ordered to use Termicide to kill as many bugs as possible. It begs the question: Were players' own Major Orders responsible for the Terminids' evolution? (It sure seems that way.)

Players are starting to put together hints from easter eggs buried in the game and various hilarious comments in Pilestedt's Twitter feed. While trying to figure out the dark origin of the Automatons, gamers are slowly coming to terms with the fact that Super Earth itself may become a significant battleground in the near future. With the theories rolling in, it's hard to know what to believe any more. However, it seems like — accidentally or otherwise — the folks behind the game may be tricking players into ruining the galaxy.

The tide may be turning in Helldivers 2

There are more than a few troubling signs that High Command (a.k.a. Arrowhead and Game Master Joel) may not be operating with 100% integrity. First, let's get a little deeper into the Terminid situation. High Command sent players to Liberate planets infested by the bugs, giving divers poisonous Termicide to help in those efforts. Then, when brave Helldivers began sending in reports about flying bugs, the Ministry of Truth firmly denied that anything was happening.

Now the truth is out, but the Ministry hasn't fully addressed its earlier denial. In-game, the Ministry made an announcement declaring that the Termicide might have stopped the bugs from evolving even more, but also claimed that there had been no prior warning about the flying bugs. The Ministry also claims that "the abruptness of the evolution indicates a high possibility of dissident concealment," seemingly shifting the blame to soldiers on the ground. It seems so anti-patriotic to say, but this is an obvious lie. 

Was the Ministry simply wrong? Or, even worse, is the Ministry trying to cover up the fact that Termicide itself caused the bugs to evolve? Either way, we're deeply concerned, and it looks like High Command's more recent decisions back on Super Earth might also have a problematic bend to them.

Helldivers are being set up to fail

After the flying bug debacle, High Command continued issuing Major Orders related to the Terminid front of the war. However, the orders became noticeably more intense. First, High Command gave its players just three days to fully capture two planets under Terminid control. Then, when the Helldivers failed that nearly impossible order, High Command declared extreme measures back on Super Earth.

Until the Helldivers turn around their current war efforts, citizens of Super Earth are being denied the right to procreate. Considering the extreme difficulty of HIgh Command's Major Order, this really seems like a situation set up to make the Helldivers look bad to the general population. Could High Command be punishing the Helldivers for spreading news about the flying bugs? We can't say for certain. Legally, that is — High Command would have our heads if we did. The question is worth asking, though.

Something strange is definitely happening within High Command. It's unthinkable that they would be purposefully trying to harm the citizens of Super Earth (right?), but this theory doesn't need to go that far. Maybe High Command was experimenting with Termicide in the hopes of creating a new weapon for Liberty, and when that plan went south, they let the Helldivers take the fall. There's no way to be certain right now, but as the war becomes ever more tumultuous, Helldivers need to be on the lookout for enemies in unexpected places. In the meantime, players are beginning to catch onto the meta nature of the developer's plans.