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What Makes Sonic Run So Fast?

Sonic the Hedgehog is fast. That is literally his whole thing; his defining trait in video games, cartoons, and the upcoming film. But one question that never seems to get answered is this: what makes Sonic run so fast? What exactly gives him the ability to run faster than the speed of sound?

After a little digging, we were able to uncover the answer.

Once upon a time, Sonic was just your average hedgehog. He was out there telling the world he was the fastest hedgehog, sure. But in terms of actual speed? He wasn't going to outrun a cheetah. That all changed when Sonic met a man named Dr. Ovi Kintobor. Dr. Kintobor wanted to protect Sonic's planet of Mobius by trapping all of its evil, but required a seventh Chaos Emerald in order to do so. And in exchange for Sonic's help in finding the emerald, Dr. Kintobor developed a special pair of sneakers that would help Sonic reach incredible speeds.

When testing the sneakers, Sonic was involved in an accident that ultimately fused his quills and turned them blue, thus creating the Sonic we see today. But the sneakers worked. They boosted Sonic's top speed and not only gave him the ability to run faster, but also granted him the means to perform other maneuvers (like his "Sonic Spin Attack").

What comes after is a tale as old as time. Dr. Kintobor did the professional wrestling equivalent of a heel turn, transforming himself into Dr. Robotnik. And Sonic and Dr. Robotnik have been at odds ever since.

Will this be the Sonic the Hedgehog story that's told in the 2020 movie? It's hard to say. In the movie's trailer it appears as though Sonic's speed is tied to his quills, and his collection of worn-out shoes lends credence to that theory. But we won't know for sure how Sonic's origin will play out until the movie actually hits theaters. It could stick to the story we described, or it could be something entirely new.

Anyway, now you know what makes Sonic run so fast. He gets the speed from the sneakers. But not just any sneakers; sneakers made by his arch-nemesis. Whoa.