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GTA Moments You Shouldn't Play Around Your Parents

It's probably safe to say that Grand Theft Auto is a series that is not family friendly. Ever since its start back in the late '90s, it's been mired in controversial themes while delivering a "go anywhere, destroy anything" sort of vibe. The series really picked up steam in 2001 with Grand Theft Auto 3 and has continued to skyrocket since.

Now, Grand Theft Auto 5 has become the hottest selling game of this generation, with over 100 million copies out the door. But it still continues to be a burden upon some parents. With that, we've compiled some of the more gruesome moments in the series that are sure to leave Mom and Dad all riled up over the controversy — if they're not enjoying the game themselves, that is. They're certainly noteworthy moments story-wise, but they were definitely not created with young players in mind.

Let's see what GTA moments probably wouldn't sit well during your next family get-together.

Your parents won't approve of Hot Coffee - Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

When Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas came out in 2004, it was already riding on a wave of controversy with its gangster violence and urban themes. But the situation really started catching fire when a modder found a sex-themed minigame and decided to release it by the name "Hot Coffee." This minigame, which puts players in full control of Carl Johnson as he has sex with one of his many girlfriends, was originally cut from San Andreas. However, the content was still included in all versions of the game, accessible via a hack. As a result, San Andreas was immediately re-rated AO for Adults Only, and Rockstar had to work quickly to remove it from future versions. It also applied a patch to the PC version of the game, causing it to crash when someone tried to run it.

Though the mod is still mostly inaccessible, there are still older copies of San Andreas lingering in "Used Game" sections, and the right hack could unlock them for certain players. So it's pretty safe to say Mom and Dad wouldn't want their kids to learn about sex education in this particular way.

The death of Floyd and Debra is pretty gruesome - Grand Theft Auto 5

Grand Theft Auto can definitely leave some players unsettled — even with the bloodshed that it doesn't show. One particular scene in GTA 5 that's a great example of this takes place Floyd's apartment. Following the mission "Friends Reunited," Trevor takes up residence in the apartment, belonging to the cousin of his friend Wade. He pretty much leaves it a filthy mess during his time there, with an axe in the door, a sex doll in the bathroom, and other dirty oddities.

During the "Hang Ten" mission, Debra and Floyd eventually return to the apartment. She's furious with its condition and blames him for letting Trevor in. The screaming eventually gets to the point where Debra pulls a gun and Floyd pulls a knife. Trevor calls them out for not being nice, and the screen fades to black. Seconds later, Trevor walks out of the apartment, covered in blood. And neither Debra or Floyd are seen again. Later on, players can return to it and find the door covered in police tape. Very unsettling — and definitely not for younger ones.

The chainsaw of Scarface's dreams - Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

Anyone who's seen Scarface will immediately see where this particular reference is going. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City is the first game to introduce a chainsaw, which main character Tommy Vercetti is able to use however he pleases. He acquires this item after meeting with retired army colonel Juan Cortez. It's part of a mission in which he asks you to kill an incompetent employee named Gonzalez. You don't necessarily have to use the chainsaw, but you might as well put it to good use, right?

The chainsaw is quite capable of cutting through most objects in the game. This makes you a one-man chop shop with vehicles; it even lets you take down multiple adversaries while it sustains bullet damage. You can even go on a Leatherface-style chainsaw spree if you feel up to the task.

The chainsaw is excellent when it comes to taking out multiple enemies in a quick — and bloody — manner. But obviously, parents may look at this and wonder what their kids might learn from it. (And hide their cherished copy of Scarface in the process.)

Having sex with hookers and killing them - Grand Theft Auto 3

Hookers provide a somewhat interesting benefit when you come across them in Grand Theft Auto 3. But if you want to be particularly evil to them, there's a way you can actually get your money back afterwards.

First, you need to pick a prostitute up. Once you have a "discussion" with them, they'll hop in your car and accompany your character, Claude, to a shady spot. From here, they'll have sex with your character — you won't see anything, just a rocking car — and earn a health boost. Following the act, they'll take their money and be on their way.

Now that'd be appalling enough for some parents, right? Well, it turns out that it doesn't necessarily have to be a done deal. You can get out of the car and assault the hooker to get your money back, or even go as far as running them over after their services are completed, then get out and scoop up the money.

Parents are likely to frown upon the idea of having sex with hookers, let alone murdering them. Maybe make sure they're not around first.

Going full frontal - Grand Theft Auto 4: The Lost and Damned

Grand Theft Auto 4 isn't the first game to have nudity in it, and it won't be the last. However, it generated a rather controversial moment that few players saw coming. It takes place during the "Politics" mission in the Lost and Damned downloadable content. During this, Johnny Kiebitz runs into congressman Thomas Stubbs during a visit to the Jousters Club. Only ... things get a bit uncomfortable.

That's because Stubbs is completely naked. At first, we don't see anything; but then the game surprisingly goes full frontal, showing off his entire package with no censorship. The whole scene is a fake-out that makes you wonder if they'll show it or not, then they hit you just when you think they won't. And, really, Congressman, you might want to trim that pubic hair.

It's a moment that threw gamers for a loop. And if you think they were surprised, just wait till Mom and Dad get a glimpse.

The messy end of Molly Schultz - Grand Theft Auto 5

Grand Theft Auto does not hold back on its carnage, but there are some moments where even veteran players have to go, "Wow, they went out like that?!" One particular moment comes from Grand Theft Auto 5, in which Molly Schultz, who serves as a lawyer for Devin Weston, meets an unexpectedly gruesome end.

Schultz spends a good deal of time keeping communication up between the three main game characters and Weston. However, one unfortunate mission involving a past film leads her to make a run for the airport. Michael is in hot pursuit, but only wants to talk to her about it. However, upon seeing him, she assumes he's there to kill her. In a panic, she flees. Michael pursues her through a hangar. However, she makes the mistake of running right in front of a jet airliner. She suddenly finds herself caught by the turbine's power, which sucks her in and shreds her instantly.

It's a shocking end, and one that really doesn't sit well with the parenting types.

Parents generally don't approve of torture - Grand Theft Auto 5

Grand Theft Auto 5 provides players a lot of opportunity for killing. But there's one particular scene in which they can take pain to a whole new level: torture. It begins with Trevor ready to begin on Ferdinand Kemirov, who has ties with alleged terrorist Tahir Javan. At first, Trevor begins with waterboarding, which is already hard enough to take as it is. Then, in the hopes of learning where Javan is, Trevor decides to go way, way further.

He starts by hitting Kerimov with a wrench, either with the arm, the knee or the groin. If that's not enough, he moves on to electrical shocks from a nearby car battery, which leaves Kerimov in great pain. And then there's the coup de grace: extracting teeth with a pair of pliers. If this becomes too much for Kerimov, he could die from the torture. However, Trevor can bring him back with an adrenaline shot — and then torture him for even longer.

Is it rough? Yes. Is it effective? Absolutely. Is it something for parents to see? Nope.

Did your parents raise a drug dealer? - Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars

Drugs play a big part in the Grand Theft Auto series, with characters either doing them or selling them or both. But very rarely does it dive into the intricacies of the business itself — that is, until Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars came along.

After completing the "Tricks of the Triad" mission, the option to become a drug dealer comes up. The main character, Huang, deals with two contacts, Liam and Danny, as he begins to distribute them across the city. This means putting enough of them in stash boxes, with the help of a holdall — which can actually hold 50 to 100 bags of drugs, depending on progress within the game.

There are six different drugs in all: heroin, cocaine, ecstasy, acid, weed, and downers. As you might guess, there's a profit to be made with dealing certain drugs to gangs across the city, though there's also the possibility of a loss — or even a bust. The more drugs Huang has on him at the time, the bigger the risk of completing the deal.

Mom and Dad definitely wouldn't approve of this lifestyle, even if they would like that entrepreneur spirit.

Jay Norris' explosive demise- Grand Theft Auto 5

Jay Norris serves as the founder and CEO of Lifeinvader, a social network that sells the personal information of its users to corporations and the government. Lester Crest isn't a fan of that — and he gives one of the main characters, Michael, a little something to take care of that to help with his own stock run.

Michael is sent in to Lifeinvader undercover to plant a device in Norris' prototype phone before his presentation. Then, he simply makes the drive home and starts to watch the Lifeinvader press conference on TV. A few button presses and a phone call later, and Norris ends up with his head blown off on live TV from the explosion, with panicked staffers trying to stop the broadcast.

Although many fans feel that Norris' death is justified, parents may find the scene a little hard to stomach.

Look, Mommy: naked cannibals! - Grand Theft Auto 5

There are few things as messed up in Grand Theft Auto 5 as the Altruist cult. They're a group of older men that aren't too fond of technology — or, for that matter, clothes. Players will have to deal with the Altruists at some point in the game, mainly with the "Pickup Sticks" mission. But there are times that you can deliver the fight straight to them by rescuing innocents for a reward. That might just involve killing two members assaulting a woman and trying to devour her flesh.

Eventually, the gang members capture Trevor, but not before he turns the tables and cleans house on the entire compound, killing half- and fully naked men left and right. He even screams "THE BOOMERS ARE FINISHED!" to drive his point across.

The nudity is blurred out, thankfully. But some parents may take objection to the idea of a cult — especially one packed with nearly naked older men.

Your parents don't want to see you high - Grand Theft Auto 5

Drugs have appeared in many Grand Theft Auto games over the years. However, it's with Grand Theft Auto 5 that Rockstar Games provides an option to smoke weed with your main characters — with some rather interesting results.

In Franklin's hallucination, for example, he first begins flying through the sky without any sort of vehicle. But then a plane appears, and things get a little wilder from there. It's a trip — but nothing compared to what Michael goes through.

In the mission "Grass Roots," local marijuana legalization advocate Barry provides Michael with a sample of his home-grown weed. It certainly has an effect on him: the screen blurs up and then suddenly fills with aliens. When Barry warns him to not let them get too close, Michael grabs a minigun and starts mowing them down. Eventually, Michael returns to reality, angry with Barry over what he just gave him. But it's an interesting side trip that some players will take, just to complete the Gold Medal objectives.

But of course, parents won't like it. They'll probably bring up some sort of anti-drug speech. At least they didn't catch you with an actual joint.

Trevor's rampages - Grand Theft Auto 5

Previous Grand Theft Auto games have provided opportunities to go on a "rampage" in a given city, cleaning house on rival gang members, cops, and pretty much anyone else that stands in the way. But with Grand Theft Auto 5, they actually serve as specialty missions for its most unstable character: Trevor.

As you may guess, it doesn't take much to set Trevor off. One bad conversation is all it takes for Trevor to "lose it" and go into a bullet-filled rage, mowing down any targets that could be a threat to him.

Interestingly enough, there are five different Rampages in all, with new ones becoming unlocked as Trevor makes his way through them. Each one gives him a souped-up version of one of his abilities, such damage reduction or infinite ammunition. While these Rampages can make for ideal stress relief, they'd freak out Mom and Dad based on their realistic tone.

Dead meat - Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories

In the Grand Theft Auto games, players are often asked to go the extra mile. But one mission that takes the bloody cake is "Dead Meat" in Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories, which ties in with the fate of Giovanni Casa.

Following a blackmail situation in which Casa is dressed up as a baby (yikes), Ma Cipriani — the mother of the main character, Antonio "Toni" Cipriani — explains that he's stopped paying protection money. After telling her son she wishes he had "guts" like Casa's, Toni decides to do something about it.

Briefly following a chat with the police, he takes Casa to the sawmill. It's here that he learns Toni's true intentions and begins to run away. But Toni eventually catches up and kills him. But then comes the part about actual guts. After chopping him up with an axe, Toni grinds down Casa's corpse into meat and returns it to his own delicatessen — where the clerk goes and sells it to the customers. Clearly Mom and Pop won't be as understanding of this as Ma Cipriani.