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Star Citizen's Most Anticipated Ship Arrives In 2020

In a cinematic trailer worthy of a big budget film, Star Citizen announced its most anticipated spaceship yet: the Anvil Carrack. Think of it as Star Wars' Millennium Falcon or Firefly's Serenity. It's a big deal that's been six years in the making and it's finally coming to the game in February 2020. 

While Star Citizen hasn't technically released yet, the developers add new content all the time. CitizenCon 2949 kicked off this weekend in Manchester, England, complete with an Anvil Carrack ice sculpture. What's so great about the ship? It's like a well-built sports car with all the bells and whistles. 

"Originally a military exclusive, the Anvil Carrack is now available for civilian use as a pathfinder spacecraft. Features on-board accommodations to allow for truly self-sufficient flight, including crew medical and repair facilities, and a mapping-oriented sensor suite capable of always charting a route home," said developer Cloud Imperium Games when the Anvil Carrack unlocked in 2013.

Yes, that reads like ad copy, but it fits the Anvil Carrack, a ship everyone wishes they could afford in-game. It can handle long flights and long jumps into hyperspace. Like we said, it's kind of the Ferrari of the spaceship world. But is it really worth the money? The Anvil Carrack unlocked only after Star Citizen raised a whopping $33 million. All that cash for a virtual spaceship? 

Star Citizen creator Chris Roberts likens spaceship collecting to classic car collecting in an interview with Eurogamer. "There's a sense of pride. The same way if a rich person buys a bunch of sports cars. They can't really drive every one of their Ferraris or Porches. Jay Leno has got warehouses full of cars, right? He's got so many cars he could drive a different car every day of the year and go three or four years and not drive the same car. How useful is that, really? He just likes to collect them."

It's up to you, star citizen, to decide if the Anvil Carrack is worth the hype.