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How Much Usable Storage Space Does The PS5 Have?

It's no big secret that video games are starting to take up more storage space. From high-resolution textures to sound files to video, the assets included in today's titles are causing them to expand significantly. If you don't have a healthy amount of storage available, you might not be able to install many games.

The PlayStation 5, to its credit, does include a solid-state storage drive. That SSD not only keeps installed games at the ready, but helps them load much faster than the spinning hard drives of old. What might disappoint gamers, however, is how large that drive actually is. Sony's internal storage only clocks in at 825GB — a bit under the 1TB offered by the Xbox Series X.

The concerns don't end there. The size of a storage drive is only half of the equation, as not all of the PlayStation 5's SSD will be "usable" by players. Here's how much space the PlayStation 5 will actually have for games.

The PS5's SSD has 667GB of usable storage

If think you'll get access to the entirety of your PlayStation 5's solid-state storage drive, think again. According to IGN, the PS5 will only allow gamers to use 667GB of the drive. This is fairly common for storage drives on both PCs and game consoles — these machines typically require space for an operating system and, as IGN put it, other "essential files."

What could make it a more bitter pill to swallow, however, is Sony's decision to go with a smaller drive size in the first place. Many consoles — including some of Sony's own in the past — have come offering 1TB of storage space. The drop to 825GB in the PS5 may not seem all that substantial, but it does result in less usable space overall when compared to Microsoft's competing console. As Windows Central reported, the Xbox Series X's 1TB internal SSD has 802GB of usable space.