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The Best Fan Designed PS5s

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WIth each console generation comes a slew of fan-designed consoles. These either feature a game-specific design on the console or just a sleek aesthetic that likely took a lot of time and effort.

This console generation is no different. Fans have already designed Xbox Series X's to their preferences. For example, Instagram user Xbox Hope has created multiple fan-designed Xbox Series X's. Some designs include that of a Butterfinger wrapper, an Assassin's Creed Valhalla-themed Xbox Series X, a console modeled after Claptrap (of Borderlands fame), and more.

Of course, fans have also taken to designing custom PS5s equally as impressive as the above Xbox Series X designs. The PS5's launch library has particularly inspired PlayStation fans, who have taken to designing PS5 systems after some of the console's launch releases. Yet, fans have also been more than willing to bend their creative abilities beyond PS5 launch games, touching on franchises past and present on Sony and non-Sony consoles.

Does what a spider can't

As an example of a PS5 inspired by a launch title, Xbox Pope tweeted an image of a Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales-themed PS5. The console features Spider-Man's signature spider logo in red inside a silhouette of a spider. Further, a custom-designed PS5 controller can be seen next to the console, with a red spider logo amid a red and black aesthetic. Overall, the design is appropriate for Spider-Man and something both Spider-Man and PlayStation fans can appreciate.

Given Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales is one of the PS5's biggest launch titles, it would seem appropriate that there would be a PS5 designed after the game. The title itself received mostly positive reviews, earning an aggregate score of 85 on Metacritic. While the game retained what made 2018's Marvel's Spider-Man great, some critics felt it lacked the "wow" factor that came along with the original game that became the favorite superhero game of many gamers.

Gotta catch 'em all!

While certainly crossing brand boundaries, BossLogic's Pikachu PS5 console is one of the more creative fan-designed PS5's out there. Featuring the adorable face of Pikachu from the Pokemon franchise, with red polka-dotted cheeks, the console has a yellow and black aesthetic. Coupled with a matching controller, this PS5 is any Pokemon fan's dream, especially if they prefer the series' most prominent Pokemon.

The Pokemon franchise, which is the highest-grossing media franchise of all-time, remains a consistently popular one for Nintendo. Between Niantic's Pokemon Go, which still gets regular updates, and forthcoming projects like New Pokemon Snap. The former is one of the most successful mobile games of all-time, earning about $1 billion in revenue in 2020 alone. The latter will be a new take on the Nintendo 64 classic Pokemon Snap, which released in 1999 on the Nintendo 64 and has since become a cult classic for the console.

A PS5 of paragon proportions

Finally, Mass Effect has spawned some pretty neat console artwork in the past, including a Mass Effect-themed faceplate for Xbox 360. As a display of their fandom, Reddit user Thirteenera posted a picture of their custom Mass Effect-style PS5. The PS5 takes on the armor style of the original Mass Effect trilogy's Commander Shepard, with two narrow white stripes and a single red stripe on top of an otherwise dark gray exterior. The side of the console reads "N7," was often seen on Commander Shepard's armor per the military training program Shepard completed.

Mass Effect is a series near and dear to many BioWare fans. The franchise has largely remained dormant ever since 2017's Mass Effect Andromeda, which earned a mixed score of 76 on Metacritic for Xbox One. However, Mass Effect: Legendary Edition is coming in 2021, and a new Mass Effect game is in early development.