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The Call Of Duty Grandma Making Everyone Beg For Mercy

Call of Duty: Warzone is one of the hottest battle royales around right now, especially when it comes to Twitch streamers. As of April 14, the game was one of the top ten categories based on viewer count on Twitch. With Call of Duty's official Twitter account teasing a big event next week, it doesn't seem like Warzone will descend anytime soon.

If you feel like everyone and their grandma are streaming Warzone, you'd be right. TacticalGramma is somebody's grandma who streams first-person shooters like Warzone and Escape From Tarkov on Twitch to her more than 18,000 followers and absolutely wrecks shop. "I've been playing video games since I was 7 and Pong came out and have never stopped," reads her Twitch bio. TacticalGramma also streams on Facebook Gaming where she has nearly 75,000 followers.

TacticalGramma shares some of her highlights on TikTok, including one clip of her absolutely destroying her opponents with a sniper rifle that has nearly one million likes. The video shows TacticalGramma taking out other players and finishing off with one-liners like "that's right buddy Gramma killed you!" Utilizing the SP-R208 sniper rifle, she nails headshots at distances most players would struggle to hit. She also references Warzone's issues with hackers, saying "oh he's going to think I'm hacking" after scoring a headshot on another player. This is just one of the many compilations on her TikTok where she has over 600,000 followers and 5.5 million likes.

This TikTok isn't the first time TacticalGramma has gone viral for her streams, with some of her content gaining traction on Reddit back in December. Prior to that TacicalGramma was featured on Good News Network in May 2020 for her wholesome interactions while streaming. Her husband, Shawn, told the Good News Network, "She has been helping so many people, from young single moms to college students to inner city youth."

TacticalGramma isn't the first Grandma to gain popularity for streaming games online. Shirley Curry, also known as Skyrim Grandma, gained a massive following for posting videos of her Skyrim playthroughs. Of course, hot dropping in Verdansk holds a special place in the hearts of many popular streamers, including Dr Disrespect, who said Call of Duty: Warzone is the most enjoyable battle royale for him to play.