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Games Like Stardew Valley You Should Play After You've Perfected Your Farm

"Stardew Valley" continues to draw in fans with its relaxing gameplay and expansive world. It's certainly one of the most impressive games to be made by one person, and has continued to live a rich life since its release in 2016. Not only has "Stardew Valley" become a board game, but it has also received major updates that add new content to the game. Still, some players might feel that their farm is complete. If you don't want to start a new save file or revisit Pelican Town, it may be time to move on to another game. 

Even though "Stardew Valley" is still alive and well, players might already be on the hunt for their next cozy gaming experience. Luckily, game developers have heard fans' desires for slower-paced gaming experiences, and several games fit the bill perfectly. From farming sims to games emphasizing friendship, there are plenty of options available for the cozy gamer.


"Spiritfarer" combines hand drawn art with relationship management, while also telling an emotional story about the afterlife. In "Spiritfarer," protagonist Stella must take over for Charon, the ferryman to the underworld. While Stella might not know what they're doing, they meet plenty of friends along the way. Each deceased soul takes the form of an animal, and Stella must please her companions by getting them foods they like and decorating their homes. Eventually, each soul must pass on to the afterlife, leaving Stella with new friends and tasks to complete.

Like "Stardew Valley," "Spiritfarer" places an emphasis on relationships, which Stella nurtures throughout the game. In order to satisfy their residents, Stella must grow crops, craft items, and explore the expansive world. While the story might lean a bit more mystical than "Stardew Valley," many of the core mechanics will feel familiar to farmers, making it the perfect follow up game after players move on from Pelican Town. "Spiritfarer" was easily one of the best hidden gems of 2020, and has the potential to be a timeless classic.


"Littlewood" explores what happens to a world after the apocalypse at the end of an epic JRPG. After saving the world, the player character wakes up in an empty town, tasked with the job of rebuilding it and attracting residents. As players progress through the game, inviting more townsfolk to stay and grow the town, the protagonist begins to remember details about what came before the apocalypse. 

Players have a great amount of freedom in "Littlewood." The town can be customized any way players like, as they're responsible for building roads, constructing houses, and making every decision about town layout. "Littlewood" takes things slowly, only allowing so many building projects per day. Like "Stardew Valley," players can spend countless days making their environment just so and customizing to their hearts' content, all while getting to know villagers and helping the town thrive. 

For those that love to micromanage, "Littlewood" is for you.

Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town

According to Polygon, "Story of Seasons" started out as "Harvest Moon," but after the development teams split and began producing different series, "Story of Seasons" evolved into its own franchise. "Pioneers of Olive Town" takes all the good parts of farming simulation games and puts one small twist on it. 

Players will begin with nothing but a plot of land in "Pioneers of Olive Town." Living in a tent isn't all it's cracked up to be, so players can quickly upgrade to a small house, but the sense of adventure that comes with discovering new land or farm features permeates the entire game.

Like "Stardew Valley," players will build a farm, befriend townsfolk, and take part in local festivals. However, "Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town" also focuses on tourism, and a major part of the game involves beautifying the town to attract visitors. For gamers that like a little city planning to go with their farming, "Pioneers of Olive Town" offers a chance to change a town's future, and build a farm in the process.

Cozy Grove

"Cozy Grove" takes a different approach to resource management by asking players to save an island of charming ghost bears. If that sounds confusing, don't worry, "Cozy Grove" takes things nice and easy. While the main campaign takes around 40 hours to complete, "Cozy Grove" refreshingly only asks for 20-30 minutes of players' time each day, making it the perfect game to play as a break at the end of a long work day. 

As a Spirit Scout, players venture to a mysterious and deserted island. With the help of a sentient campfire, players' discover a variety of spirits living on the island, each of which has a task for the brave Spirit Scout. As the game progresses, players get to learn more about the spirits and potentially put them to rest. 

Critics appreciated the limited playtime each day, and adored the hand-drawn style of the world and characters. Overall, "Cozy Grove" provides a relaxing experience for those who don't want to feel too guilty when they take a break from the game.