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Streamers You Never Knew Dated Each Other

People in similar lines of work tend to date. After all, when two people socialize in similar circles and share interests, it makes sense that they might hit it off. But there is another reason why streamers in particular tend to wind up together. Performing in the public eye and living life in front of a camera takes a certain frame of mind, and that is especially true of streamers and content creators at the top of their game. As pointed out by PC Gamer, some streamers become well-known enough that their friends and spouses can become famous by proxy.

Many streamers choose to keep their relationship status secret or ambiguous, as fans can be obsessive, creepy, and even abusive to their internet idols' real-world spouses. The Verge reports that these problems are especially prevalent for women who stream, as streamers who disclose relationships are often harassed, and those who keep their love lives secret — or even truthfully admit to being single — are often unfairly accused of hiding things from their viewers for the sake of appearing available.

In many ways, it makes sense that so many streamers choose a "Player 2" who is already in the same line of work. Still, you may not have even realized that the following streamers have dated.

LoserFruit & Marcus

Kathleen "LoserFruit" Belsten is a prominent Australian streamer with over 2.5 million followers and her own "Fortnite" skin, a distinction reserved for some of the game's best and most prominent players. According to HYPEBAE, she is also the second most-followed streamer on Twitch after Pokimane. Lufu, as she is called by fans, is also notable in that she has been candid about her relationship status with Marcus: a fellow Aussie, content creator, and former member of the YouTube gaming channel, Click. The two of them left Click around the same time, but the couple has stayed strong.

The pair share an adorable chemistry in their videos expressed with affectionate kidding. Lufu pokes fun at her relationship with Marcus on her vlog frequently, and provided a humorous answer to fans' questions as to why they shared a bedroom in the Click house, confirming their status in a tongue-in-cheek way, early on. Also on YouTube, Lufu relayed the story of how she met Marcus at E3. Marcus and Lufu are still together, and frequently tease each other on Twitter.

Delphron & 8BitDylan

Nigel "Delphron" and Dylan "8Bit" Zaner tied the knot in 2019 at San Francisco City Hall and have not looked back. In an interview with Wired, the couple explained how they met. Nigel, famed for his Minecraft channel, first ran into Dylan in Harmony Hollow, a modded "Minecraft" server with a number of whitelisted mods covered by many YouTubers. 

Dylan is primarily active on Twitch, where he streams a variety of games, ranging from newer hits like "It Takes Two" to horror classics including "Silent Hill 3." Delphron is also a Twitch partner, streaming cozy games like "Stardew Valley" and "Animal Crossing," but he's arguably still best known for his Minecraft content on YouTube.

After months of planning, 8Bit was the one to pop the question in front of an audience back in October 2018. Delphron & 8Bit's fans have been extremely supportive of the couple, and the video of their engagement was met with dozens of excited and congratulatory comments.

Lily Pichu & SleightlyMusical

Sadly, not all Twitch romances have fairy tale endings. Popular streamer and musician Lily 'LilyPichu' Ki was in a long-standing relationship with 'SleightlyMusical,' now known professionally as TheAlbertChang. Lily came to prominence for her "League of Legends" streams and videos, and has since branched out into other competitive titles such as "Valorant," in addition to streaming musical and artistic content. Albert, who has since distanced himself from his SleightlyMusical persona, has more recently attempted to teach magic tricks to his Twitch audience.

The pair dated for two years before their breakup in Nov. 2019 sent shockwaves through the streaming community. After Pokimane, shared what seemed to be an oblique comment about the development on Nov. 9, 2019, fans began to speculate on what could have occurred. 

Two days after Pokimane's tweet, Lily released a simple statement on Twitter to clear the air, explaining that she and Albert were no longer together. Albert later admitted that he had been unfaithful to Lily, releasing an apology that began by stating he had made the worst decision of his life. 

Lily has since started a new relationship with content creator and fellow streamer Michael Reeves.

xQc & Adept (Together)

Although Felix "xQc" Lengyel and Sam "Adeptthebest" are both individually famous, and now known as one of Twitch's hottest power couples, they actually kept their relationship ambiguous for a long time. In March 2021, following literal years of speculation from fans, Adept admitted that she and xQc had been an item all along after they were accidentally caught kissing and snuggling on camera. These kinds of accidents demonstrate how difficult it can truly be to keep your life private while making a living in front of a camera. Fortunately, fans seem to be supportive of the couple. 

xQc is a French-Canadian streamer with 5.5 million followers, best known for his competitive "Overwatch" play for Luminosity Gaming, as well as for his wildly popular "Minecraft" and "Grand Theft Auto 5" streams. For her part, Adept is also well-known for her "Overwatch," "GTA 5," and "Among Us" content. 

Even though xQC mostly seems to keep things low-key, Adept has been more candid with her affection since the unintentional reveal, even praising xQc's culinary skills on Twitter at one point.

Anne Munition & Lyloun

Anne Munition, who has managed to keep her real name private throughout her streaming career, is an established star in Twitch's FPS crowd, known for her skills in realistic military shooters such as "Rainbow Six Siege" and "Escape from Tarkov." Laurie "Lyloun" Laugier, also known as TopNotchFromage, is a bit less well-known. However, she is an extremely skilled gamer and tactician in her own right, serving as Team Vitality's "Rainbow Six" gaming coach. 

Anne announced her relationship with Lyloun on Twitter, delighting and surprising many fans. The couple has received a great deal of support online, even receiving a happy message of support from Valkyrae, one of the industry's top streamers.

Dating a gaming coach seems like it would add a whole other level of complexity on the streamer-relationship dynamic, but Anne has expressed nothing but enthusiasm and gratitude for her time with Lyloun. After announcing their relationship, Anne Munition tweeted, "She's taught me so much."

Hafu & Dog

At the end of 2019, professional Hearthstone player David "Dog" Caero presented Rumay "Hafu" Wang with a ring. Hafu was a competitive "World of Warcraft" PVP player who moved onto "Bloodline Champions," ultimately emerging as DreamHack's Summer 2011 champion. Dog, or occasionally "Dogdog," has been a top name in "Hearthstone" since its release, and is well-known for playing other card games including "Magic the Gathering" and "Slay the Spire." Both he and Hafu have also branched out into streaming "Teamfight Tactics."

The two have kept their relationship mostly private, but Hafu still frequently posts pictures together with Dogdog. The couple posed for a Christmas card-style photo with their dog, shortly before Hafu announced that they had finally tied the knot on April 13, 2021. 

Hafu's viewers have occasionally confused her similarly named friend and fellow Twitch streamer, DumbDog, with her partner, Dogdog — enough that she's even joked about the mix-up on Twitter.

GeorgeNotFound & Justa Minx (Just Friends)

Justa Minx, an Irish "Minecraft" and "Among Us" streamer with over a million followers, won a game of "Love or Host," earning her a date with another well-known "Minecraft" streamer, GeorgeNotFound. "Love or Host" is a Twitch dating game hosted by streamer AustinShow, in which contestants try to find love among a number of participants who are gradually eliminated. The dating show has had several high profile streamers as contestants, including Pokimane.

George and Minx went on a date in "Minecraft" immediately after Minx's victory, where the two shared a virtual meal in an outdoor gazebo that George had crafted. Virtual dates, or real dates in virtual worlds, would seem like a natural fit for streamers. Of course, as pointed out by The Wall Street Journal, the trend has become more popular in general since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The two clearly have a certain flirty chemistry, and fans seem delighted by the pairing. Redditors have even gone so far as to draw fan art of the pair. However, the two streamers do not seem to officially be in a romantic relationship.

Sodapoppin and LegendaryLea

Thomas "Sodapoppin" Morris scarcely needs an introduction. For the last several years, he has been enjoying a YouTube channel with over a million subscribers and a Twitch account with over three million followers. He's best known for playing "World of Warcraft" and "Dead By Daylight," as well as for his Just Chatting and IRL streams. 

Naturally, his gaming interests crossed over with 'World of Warcraft' streamer, LegendaryLea. Lea dated Soda for several years, but some relationships simply aren't meant to last. The couple broke up sometime in 2017, and it seems like their parting may have been messy. 

As reported by Dexerto, Lea threw some serious shade and outright insults at Soda after a Twitch viewer inquired about their long-defunct relationship. That clip has since been deleted, but fans definitely got the impression that they should never ask her about Sodapoppin again. Lea's angry reaction is somewhat understandable, especially if the relationship had an ugly end. After all, few people would want to be bothered with questions about their ex while performing and working.

Boxbox and Enluna

Streamers Albert "BoxBox" Zheng and Annie, a.k.a. "Enluna," share one of Twitch's sweetest love stories. BoxBox is renowned for his "League of Legends" and "Teamfight Tactics" streams, and occasionally cosplays as his favorite champions while streaming. Meanwhile, Enluna has also been known to Stream "League" for her devoted fans. The couple have posted several heartwarming photos of their relationship on Annie's Instagram, and have now been together for nearly a decade.

Annie posted their sixth anniversary photo in 2019 and addressed the fact that they'd taken three months apart. She explained that their so-called "break-up," which occurred in 2017, was really more of a hiatus due to distance. She explained that the whole thing was a "bad idea," which they both quickly realized they regretted. The couple has since reunited and appear to be happier than ever. 

In October 2020, Annie shared a photo of a passionate kiss in front of Los Angeles' Urban Light public art installation. The love these two share for each other is obvious, and their fans seem to be delighted that they are still happy together.

QuarterJade and Masayoshi

QuarterJade and Masayoshi are another Twitch couple with infectious chemistry. QuarterJade is best known for her Just Chatting streams, as well as for playing games of "Valorant," "League of Legends," and "PUBG." Masayoshi also chats, in addition to playing many of the same games and "Fortnite." Both streamers are part of YouTube's OfflineTV channel roster. 

QuarterJade and Masayoshi have also played games with other streaming mega stars, including Valkyrae, Corpse Husband, Sykkuno, and LilyPichu. The pair clearly have a fun sense of humor about their jobs, which has been illustrated by Masayoshi pranking QuarterJade while she was on stream during a date. In one memorably cozy stream, the pair also got drunk together to play "Breath of the Wild." While that last stream may not be as wholesome as some other content out there, it's still a lot of fun. Moreover, it demonstrates that the couple is clearly comfortable with each other and not afraid to be silly together in front of fans.

TinaKitten and Jummy (and Corpse Husband?)

Crowd-pleasing "Among Us" streamer TinaKitten dropped a bombshell on her fans in early 2020, announcing she would be stepping away from Twitch for a while. As noted by Dexerto, this break from streaming closely followed her breakup with fellow streamer Jummy.

Both parties are (quite understandably) keeping the reasons for their split quiet, but Jummy notably took to Twitter to provide a bit of context for their breakup. He also requested that people not level speculation or criticism at TinaKitten during this time. Unfortunately, overprotective fans lashing out at exes can be a common problem for popular streamers going their separate ways.

As such, have speculated that TinaKitten may have found love, or at least a close professional friendship, with a new streamer however. Rumor has it that TinaKitten may have started a relationship with musician and fellow streamer Corpse Husband. Corpse is notoriously secretive about his personal life, however, so it may be a while before the truth of these rumors (if there is any) is made clear.