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Corpse Husband And TinaKitten Get The Rumor Mill Going

A couple of seemingly innocuous interactions and (of course) overt denials was all that it took for a new round of Corpse Husband relationship rumors to start, this time involving streamer TinaKitten.

Hopeful fans of both streamers have gone about gathering evidence that they feel points towards a romantic connection, including timelines for previous relationships, some affectionate interactions, and a few endearing tweets. Fan speculation more or less begins with TinaKitten's recent breakup with another streamer, Jummy. That split prompted both parties to try and stem any negative interactions going either way, with TinaKitten tweeting that she would be taking a temporary break from streaming and Jummy asking fans not to "bad mouth" Tina.

After TinaKitten returned to streaming, she began interacting more frequently with Corpse Husband and his regular set of streamers, including Sykkuno, Disguised Toast, and Valkyrae. This led to fans' first piece of incontrovertible evidence: Corpse Husband complimented TinaKitten's sweater, telling her it made her look "incredible," which TinaKitten seemed to appreciate. 

As if that wasn't enough, during a recent "Resident Evil: Village" stream, fans thought they heard Corpse Husband say to TinaKitten, "Hey babe, can I get back?" Plenty of streamers have dated one another in the past, but these two continue to deny any such attachments.

TinaKitten and Corpse Husband both deny rumors of a relationship

However, as fans have noted on Twitter, Corpse Husband has said that he never called TinaKitten "babe," and viewing the clip calls the entire interaction into question. And as far as the sweater compliment goes, Corpse Husband was just one of many streamers who had nice things to say about TinaKitten's sweater, which may explain her embarrassed reaction.

Corpse Husband has said in the past that he does not have a girlfriend and is not actively dating. TinaKitten, meanwhile, has asked fans not to speculate as to her relationship status or ship her with other streamers. It seems like what the two streamers are dealing with is a small section of their respective fanbases who are confusing their platonic friendship or professional relationship with a romantic connection.

That said, Corpse Husband's elusive public persona has led fans to speculate about his connections to well-known individuals from both the world of streaming and music, including Valkyrae and Halsey, respectively. TinaKitten hasn't quite reached the same level of widespread fame as those two, which may explain why some took it as a more genuine connection.