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The Logan Paul Fight Controversy Is Causing An Uproar

Everyone knows Logan Paul has a shady side, which makes it easy to understand why fans circulated a new conspiracy theory after Logan Paul's fight with legendary boxer Floyd Mayweather. Fans pointed out that at one point during the fight, it appeared that Paul blacked out and was held up by Mayweather in order to prolong the fight. SportsCenter quoted Mayweather as saying, "When it comes to legalized bank robbing, I'm the best," adding to the belief that the whole fight had been predetermined.

In an Instagram story, Paul confronted the theories head on, saying, "I'm seeing this narrative going around that, there's one part in the fight where Floyd punched me and I kinda like, leaned on him ... and people are trying to spin it and say that he knocked me out and caught me and kept me up to keep the fight going to the eighth round. Shut the f*** up." Paul insisted that while Mayweather indeed got in some solid hits, the match was anything but rigged.

"Stop trying to discredit what happened last night," Paul said. "Make no mistake, he got a lot of good punches in ... but [I] never rocked, never blacked out." Viewers of the match disagreed, immediately taking to the internet to share their theories about what happened during the match.

Fans craft theories about the fight

There are several reasons why fans think Mayweather might have prolonged the fight. One person theorized, "Well when you're on a celebrity's payroll it's a bad idea to make them look bad," insinuating that Mayweather might have wanted to save Paul's ego from an early knock out. Another viewer pointed out that the longer a boxing match lasts, the more money the fighters stand to make.

Fans of comedian Paul F. Tompkins had a field day when he asked them, "Did Logan Paul get punched off the earth or not?" they responded in kind. One explained, "Logan was ready to go after round 2. Floyd took it easy on him when he could've finished him. Especially after the punch that put him to sleep. Floyd stopped really hitting him after that." 

Others were quick to argue that Mayweather typically wins fights based on points, not hard hits, and that his matches are often boring. Some viewers saw the match as "a gigantic waste of time," no matter who won or how.

Logan Paul has always excelled at stirring up controversy online and creating rifts among his fanbase. The YouTube prankster continues to make big appearances in places fans don't expect, like WrestleMania, and remains in the public eye despite former controversy. Paul also made sure to remind his fanbase of his roots by sporting one of his new, incredibly expensive Pokemon cards as a blinged-out necklace before and after the match.